Bren Finds Love

November 14, 2010
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Everyone talks about falling in love with girls. Sigh , how boring! I mean sitting in my class, and listening to my teacher talking like we are characters in Charlie Brown, I could just about die! Marsha, my best friend ever since the 2nd grade sits next to me and whispers “Gosh this is great! A new assignment to be done!” I agree and put my head down and shut my eyes. Mr. Williams calls my name “Bren…..Bren….can you put your head up please. Bren! I sai-” he stops suddenly. Then I slowly but surly I drag my head up. “Well welcome to English 1 Honors: Mr.?” Mr. Williams steps to a bold looking figure. Oh! It’s a guy! Ok, ok I can deal with this!” Levi Taylor” he says. Me, being the smart mouthed person I am states “Hey Levi! Nice butt! Hit me up after school” I say putting my hand up to my face as a telephone, and the class starts to laugh at my meaningless joke. He stares at me, and I stare back. Mr. Williams snatches the paper from him and looks at me while doing so, with a stern look on his face. Yeah! I p*ssed him off! What? Don’t look at me, I was just being nice, right?

As Mr. Williams points to his new seat, this new kid, brushes up against me. Who does he think he is! I’m Bren McNate! I run this place!! I brush my bronze hair back and watch as he leans up to tap me on the shoulder, and right then and there I notice that he is sitting right behind me. Great! Just dandy! I slowly turn around with a fake smile on my face “Oh, Hi! Sorry about that. I had to get my daily joke out of the way!” I said, trying not to be un-sarcastic. The truth is I have no clue why I’m being mean, I kind of feel bad, in a way. “Oh, no problem! Glad I could be of assistance to your joke.” Levi says… he looks at me and widens his mouth with a bright smile. Is he flirting! I think he is! But… do I like it? Maybe…ugh emotions…

When the bell rings, I start to walk out the class with Marsha talking about how Bobby got his gym shorts pulled down in class while running! So funny! Being so happy that the bell had rung, I give the nerds a slight smile just to make them pee on them selves. Oh wow. Why does everyone love me!? Oh right, because I’m me! Mean while, John, Marsha’s ex- boy friend, gives me the look. I roll my eyes, come on! “The. Look” what is that? Some kind of look that your bff boyfriend gives you. What a jerk! Like I would ever date him, plus the girl rule thingy.

I walk in to the cafeteria and stand in line. I hope they have something good today. Yesterday it was meat ball corn salad. What are these people doing trying to kill me!! I mean giving me! Me!!! That nasty cr*p of food. Shame!
Oh! Wait, I see salad!! I grab my big salad and pay for it, sit down and dug in! okay! It was very good, I’ll give them that!

Marsha sits next to me and starts talking the usual, how she misses john and that her grades are good. BUT she maid that B on that geometry 3 quiz. I made an A! I mean who doesn’t know how to find the angles of the triangles and then the area of the angles then find the mid point and such and such! Don’t’ I just sound so smart! Even though you don’t use that in real life, it was a great practice! At lest she made a stupid B. Please Marsha, I love you, but shut up! Please! Your killing me!

I put an egg in my mouth and start chewing like a mad dog, when my eyes catch Levi walking out of the lunch line looking for a place to sit. He stops…looks around…walks…and sees me. Cr*p. I smile and then roll my eyes and takes Marsha’s roll and eats it. “Bren I was going to eat that.” she exclaims. “Marsha, I have to run today I want all the energy I can ge-” I stop in mid sentence and look at this figure standing in front of my table. Levi. “Can I help you with something?” I ask. “Can I sit with you guys, I don’t really know anyone.” he looks down and bites his lip. Hmm…now that I think about it he is kind of cute, nice eyes, blue. Great smile, white teeth. His body is built up…sexy. “Sure, you can sit here…for a dollar.” I grin at him, while picking at my stolen roll. He sits down and puts his plate on the table. How did he get stake! “Where did you get that from?” I eye his rib eye stake. “Looks….good” he smiles at me and answers “ my grandmother is the head lunch lady.” oh isn’t that nice! I turn around and get up to take my lunch to the trash like the good Samaritan I am. I feel eyes on me, oh come on Bren! That’s a normal feeling for me. I turn around and see that Levi is looking at me. I smile for real this time, and make my way back to the table. He keeps looking at me I think to my self as I watch him cut, dip and eat his stake with A1 sauce. He licks his lips and ask “You like watching me eat. I know I’m that sexy, oh um your drooling a little bit Hun.” he smiles and chuckles to him self. Marsh looks at me and takes my napkin to wipe my chin. Wow…he called me “Hun”. the bell rings early as lunch is the last period of the day. Me and Marsha say good bye to Levi as Marsha drags me out of the cafeteria while I stare at his gorgeous smile. Oh wait. He’s laughing at me. I straighten up and walk home with Marsha talking about Levi all the way down the street until I see Levi again walking on the other side. I jump at the excitement of calling him over. In stead walks over and grabs my hand, “Marsha” he says “ I need to barrow Bren for a second.” Marsha grins and shakes her head. He pulls me over to the side by a brick wall with vines all over it. “Bren, I liked you ever sense I walked into the class. I think your beautiful, and I wanted to know would you come to the café with me tonight for poetry night?” he said out of breath and really close to me. I wanted to jump on him and start kissing him. “Yes I would love….love to come with you.” I said quietly knowing Marsha might be listening. He pulls me close and looks me in the eyes. His face so close to mine, I can smell the mint freshness on his lips. The words I kept thinking where “kiss, kiss, kiss”. Oh Bren…you just found love.

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