In Shallow Seas We Sail

November 12, 2010
By Kelsey_C BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
Kelsey_C BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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“I love you.” Hayley said to Zach. She stood there waiting for him to reply. A minute goes by and still nothing. “Zach?” Hayley says worriedly. Another minute goes by. Then in a low whisper he spoke, “I don’t know.” Hayley soon said. “How did you change your words from I love you to saying, you don't know?" Without a word spoken he placed his palm on her check, looked her in the eyes and left. Hayley thought to herself his hands were warm on my face once. Now they're cold and
pushing me away. Not knowing what to do or say, Hayley retreated into her room. Where she paused at the doorway and looked to the empty room that stood before her. Hayley walks over to her bed and lays down. Concentrating on only her thoughts she gets a chill down her back. “I fell apart when I fell for him.” She managed to choke out. Realizing this thought made Hayley rush to Zach’s work. Thinking to herself, “I am going to choose every word that will hurt.”
It is almost 11:30 when Hayley finally arrives to her boyfriends work. “Can I have your attention for a moment? I just need to say something.” Hayley told him. Zach nods his head and he takes her into a conference room. Four minutes go by. Hayley broke the silence. “I wish I could put you into words, so it would all make sense.” Hayley said. “I can’t do this anymore.” Zach said. “What?” Hayley asked. “Sometimes I question why I’m still here.” Zach said. “So the last two years of our lives meant nothing to you?” Hayley asked while a tear fell down her face. “I feel like this, us, if we stay together we will be shipwrecked and sinking.” Zach spoke. Looking in his eyes Hayley started to say. “It’s a perfect day for us to make a change. To forget about the watered down mistakes we have made.” Before she could finish Zach interrupts her, “I just don’t think that I can look at you the same.” A million thoughts were racing through Hayleys spinning head. “Who could tease me and leave me begging for the abuse? Who could tame me and make me who I am? You are my everything, my world, my love.” Hayley told him. “There is someone else. And it’s your fault.” Zach said. She could not believe her eyes. Staring at the man that had taken her heart and threw it away. “You said you’ve never been with anyone else, but you lied. Saying somehow I was the one to blame,” Hayley spit at him. “I guess of lies were wealth you’d need help counting riches from your mouths piggy bank.” Hayley added. “This is not how I wanted to remember you and me.” Zach said. “Take back your promises and your sweet kisses that I thought were only for me.” Hayley replied. “How could you even say these hurtful words to me? I thought you loved me, but you don’t.” Zach said. “Your love was only as safe as the promises you made. And you promised me forever. You were wrong about one thing though about us.” Hayley said. “What is that?” Zach asked. “You said, if we stay together we would be shipwrecked and sinking. We are already drowning. You are the storm, the wind and the waves. You broke me in two and tossed me away. You are the water filling my lungs. Killing me softly without a word.” With that last word spoken Hayley left. Hayley went to the beach. She walked over to the dock, stood on the edge. Staring at the foggy horizon. Hayley started counting. Counting the hours it would take for the pain to ease. “This is endless.” Hayley whispered to herself. “Hello there the angel from my nightmare. The shadow in backround of the morgue. The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley. We can live like Jack and Sally if we want. Where you can always find me and we'll have Halloween on Christmas. In the night we'll wish this never ends. We'll wish this never end.” Looking down at her phone, knowing who that ring tone belonged to. She slowly picked up the phone. “Hello?” Hayley said. “I knew it right from the start. I got this big, big hole in my heart. I wanted to put you in, but for some reason you just wouldn’t fit.” Zach told her. “Those clever words from your mouth make me feel so worthless. Are you happy now you hurt me?” Hayley asked. “No I thought I could be with you. You weren’t the one though. Nichole makes me happy,” Zach was saying before interrupted. “Nichole?” Hayley questioned. “She makes me smile.” He said. “Well I want to break that smile off your face!” Hayley yelled into her phone. “You’re a fool.” Zach yelled back. “This fool, that you made of me has a lesson learned. You can’t trust a lover, who was never a friend.” Hayley spoke, and then leaped over the edge.

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