Something Borrowed

November 12, 2010
By Lucylu12 SILVER, Morristown, New Jersey
Lucylu12 SILVER, Morristown, New Jersey
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Giselle sat at the table that had been set up on the beach at one of the resorts on the Bahamas by her boyfriend; she was waiting for Anthony, who was at his car getting their food. Anthony always planned different surprises for them. The surprises were usually lovely dinners in the sunset or long road trips through the countryside. Giselle loved that Anthony’s surprises always made her feel like a princess, and he would get her any thing that she wanted. Giselle was tall, she had big brown and blonde curls in her hair. She also had light brown freckles that ran across her face, starting at one check and ended at the other. Anthony loved Giselle’s freckles and thought that the only thing cuter than her freckles was her beautiful face. Giselle was now sitting in front of Anthony, she saw him arrive to the table with his hands full of wine, sandwiches and mini desserts that he bought. Giselle stood up to help. She first reached for the red wine to open and filled each cup halfway while Anthony set up the food.
After they enjoyed their meal they got up to take a walk along the shoreline. The sun was setting so the sky was fuchsia, gold and lavender and the ocean water was beautiful mediterranean sea foam green. There also were only a few lights that were coming from a cruise ship that was sailing across the water; and the sky also had fluffy white and sliver clouds. They walked close enough to the water so that every time a wave came in it would hit their feet. Giselle rested her head on Anthony’s shoulder and his arm was on her waist as they continued to walk down the beach, Anthony suddenly stopped and bent down on to one knee but it was only to pick up an oyster shell that had been lying on the beach. He dipped it into the warm, crisp and clean water to clean it off. After it was cleaned off Anthony handed it to Giselle and told her to open it, she wasn’t expecting anything to be inside but she thought that if she were lucky enough that maybe a pearl would be in it. As she opened it she saw a shiny object. Giselle had the shell completely opened she saw a 3 karat princess-cut ring with 3 rare sapphire stones, Giselle looked up at Anthony to see what he was pointing at, she saw in the sky was the question, “Will you marry me?” Giselle was in complete awe as everything was going on she couldn’t believe her eyes. Anthony saw that Giselle had tears rolling down her cheeks and she was trying to get the words out. Anthony knew what she was trying to say as she tried to regain her breath. Anthony helped Giselle put the ring on and then she wrapped her arms around Anthony and gave him a big hug. They then headed back up the beach and to the resort.
The next day after all of the initial excitement had worn off, Anthony and Giselle went to the resorts terrace to enjoy a sunrise breakfast. Anthony were enjoying the fresh caught salmon along with the daily picked eggs and the squeezed by hand orange juice. And Giselle enjoys chocolate chip pancakes with fresh berries on top. They savored every bite of food that was on the plate and as they were eating, Giselle dropped her fork she bent over to reach for it and noticed something different about her hand she than looked at both hands. She noticed that her engagement ring was missing. Giselle quickly became worried but she also tried to keep her cool so Anthony didn’t suspect that something was wrong, because had never lost anything that Anthony had given her and didn’t want to start. As she returned to the table she saw that the waiter had cleaned the table, and that Anthony was ready to head back to the room. She only could think of where her ring could be. She knew that after they got back to the room she would be able to look for it because Anthony was heading to the golf courses.
When they arrived to the room, she saw the maid taking away the dirty sheets and replacing them with clean ones. While she did, Giselle didn’t even think to ask if she found a ring while she was cleaning their room. Giselle rushed to the nightstand after saying bye to Anthony; she to checked if she might have put the ring there before she went to sleep the night before than she headed into the bathroom. The bathroom had been cleaned spotless but with no care in mind Giselle ran in to the closet; Giselle threw the freshly folded towel around in search of her ring. She opened the cabinets to look inside. But, after Giselle raided the bathroom she still didn’t have the ring. She also raided their bedroom and living area. After she couldn’t find it in the room she decided to retrace her steps through the hotel. Giselle first looked down the hall to see if the maid was still near by, but she was gone. Giselle headed to the front desk but on her way she saw a supply room. She knocked on the door to see if anyone could help her but no one answered the door. Giselle disregarded the employee only sign and slowly open the door to look around. She saw massive boxes filled with supplies and a few maid carts; Giselle looked on the carts to see if the ring was there but it still no ring. Giselle continued her way to the front desk she saw the maid who had been cleaning their room on the way. Giselle saw that she was wearing a ring that she wasn’t wearing before. Giselle decide to confront the maid politely but also aggressively.
“That’s a pretty ring,” Giselle stated, “Where did you get it?”
“Oh, thank you. I found it in room 581 when I was cleaning rooms, I guess some lady lost it and didn’t care to look for it,” the maid replied.
“Oh, well room 581 is mine and I do care to look for it. What does it look like I’m doing now? I’m staying in that room with my fiancé and he gave it to me yesterday on the beach. I lost it before breakfast and now I want it back.” Giselle replied.
“Well, I’m sorry to hear that but I will have to check with the front desk to see if room 581 is really your room,” the maid stated.
Anthony had now returned from his golf trip.
“Hi, honey. This is the lovely maid who cleaned your room. How was golf? No, never- mind you can tell me over dinner. I’ll see you late, sweetie.” By the time Giselle finished her sentence she had pushed Anthony to the elevator and was watching him go up to the 5th floor.
After Anthony was gone Giselle followed Maria to the check-in desk. Maria asked the lady who was checked in to room 581, only to find out that that really was Giselle’s room. Giselle reached out to receive the ring, but Maria dashed away and headed through the sliding doors of the hotel lobby. Giselle was in complete shock at what just happened but she quickly ran after Maria. With Giselle on Maria’s tail and the security behind Giselle also the island wind blowing against their faces. The two females had turned into animals with their constant yelling, running and pushing others out of the way; now there was unwanted attention that was coming from the people all around that were watching but Giselle didn’t mind she just hoped that Anthony wasn’t also watching the chaos. Maria, Giselle and security all continued to run but suddenly, Maria tripped over a tree branch and as she fell the ring dropped out of her hand and on to the ground. Giselle caught up with Maria in time to grab the ring before Maria could get up. After Giselle reclaimed her ring she turned around and explained everything that happen to the security.
After Giselle explained everything to the security, she headed back to her room to get ready for dinner. At her room was Anthony and he was dressed and ready to go but Anthony was shocked to see the Giselle was all sweaty.
“Where were you all day?” Anthony said.
“I just went out for a jog!” Giselle replied with a smirk on her face.

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This article has 3 comments.

on Jan. 8 2011 at 12:18 am
Awesome loved it :)

on Nov. 18 2010 at 7:59 pm
Lucylu12 SILVER, Morristown, New Jersey
8 articles 0 photos 2 comments
I thank you im happy that it cheer you up i also have two other pieces soon to be pulished

on Nov. 18 2010 at 7:29 pm
AnonymouslyAnonymous BRONZE, Nassau, Other
1 article 0 photos 23 comments

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i love your story!!!! it was kinda funny and romantic when u descrided my country i felt goosebumps! ur story made my day


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