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November 13, 2010
By Angelstarh BRONZE, London, Other
Angelstarh BRONZE, London, Other
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The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else.

One (First timers)
Girls love me because of the way I look, the fact that my swagger is always on point and man being in B.M.B, the hardest gang in South London. They love me because of my badman image. They give me their digits without me asking them and offer themselves to me. I don’t put down any of their offer and that’s the truth, because man like me grab any opportunity with both hands you get me?
It all started when I was about 11, getting ready to start year 8. I was coming back from school with Trey and we decided to go to my ones. When we got inside, my big brother Kane was with some girls and a few of his friends doing what they normally do, bun weed and partying and the rest I don’t have to say. We usually get kicked out but that day was like Christmas to me and Trey. Kane told us to sit down next to some girls that looked like 20. Anyways we sat down and Kane pass his weed to me. Took a few sip and I was choking like hell, obviously because I was burning my throat. I then passed it to Trey and the same thing happened. The girls laughed at us but Kane and his friends didn’t. I gave us some more weed until we got used to it because it just made us feel different and hard. Kane told me not to tell mum and Trey as well. After a week, we already used to our treat that we always get after school but today Kane didn’t offer us anything, so i decided to ask him since he was my brother, why he ain’t treating us like V.I.Ps.
“Are we going to get some of that though?” I asked but man was scared inside
“Give you what likkle man?” Kane laughed
“Some of the weed inut?”
“Is it, are you guys keeping it on the low as I said?” Kane questioned
“Yes we are,” Trey said sounding like a neek
“Good, follow me upstairs,” Kane said
Kane whispered something to his friends, and then he signed for us to follow him upstairs. My brother’s room was like a V.I.P place after the concert party and to be honest I’ve never even been there and I’m his brother. We got in and two girls in their bras and knickers’ were lying on the bed. Kane said something to them and left us hanging there like neeks.
The girls told us to take our clothes of because we were gonna experience the best roller-coast that we’ve never and will ever experience. And Trey just went and said...
“Is this Thorpe Park?”
“Nah sweetie, just took off your clothes and come to bed,” one of the girls said
“Okay, Okay,” Trey replied smiling
I didn’t wanna look like a neek inut, so I just pretend like it’s nothing. The girls did their thing and the next minutes, I and Trey were stuck in a Kane’s room with two big girls with nothing on. Now that’s what you call a G, the girl that kept asking question motion for us to sit on the bed next to them, and they had NOTHING on I said.
“Arrr are you sure though?” I blushed
“Listen just follow our lead, ite?”
“Yeah man, yeah we cool,” Trey said. ;)
The girls took us through the rollercoaster, and I mean it was the best experience because we got to touch the girl’s watermelon too. The girls asked our age, and we we pretended like we were fifteen, but the other black girl knew our real age and they started smiling.
“You guys are too big for your age you know, you got me moaning like it was Kane,” the black girl said
“Is just us inut,” Trey Said
“Nah not you sweetie, I’m talking about Michael,”
“Allow me man....I’m just twelve you know,” Trey said disappointed. His face looked vexed.
“Lol I’m playing with you, you guys wanna do it again?”
“Yeah man, yess,” Trey said
That was how I and Trey loosed our V and nobody our age ever experience something like that because if anyone said that, they just gassed. Later that day I kept having dreams about the two chicks. I was happy for rest of the week. One day I was on Xbox playing with Trey, when Kane came in the room bleeding. He told me to go in his room and under the bed and take whatever was in there if he didn’t make it. I asked him what happened he just said that he got caught slipping in Peckham by a few mansdem and they shot him.
“Take care of mums Mike, I love you man, and you too Trey, peace”
That was my brother’s last words. And I swear I will never forget it. We buried Kane after two weeks and from then on, I and Trey went visits him after school every year. One day I was coming back from school and some boys started beefing me for nothing. I was on my own because Trey was sick. When I got home I lied to mum that I fell when i was playing football and she believed me. Changed the uniform and went in Kane’s room, since the day we buried him, that was the last time I went in his room. I checked a few things, checked his picture, now listen I don’t cry but that day I cried inut and I’m not ashamed of it because that’s my only brother and I loved him, you get me because I’m not the type of boy that pretend like i don’t shed no tears, well not for anything stupid but for something that meant something to me.
I sat down for a little while and I remembered when Kane told me to check under his bed and take whatever was there. I was scared because you never know what might be in there. I wanted to call Trey but I thought I had to do this by myself. Turned on the light and took out the box that was under the bed. I opened the box slow by slow acting like mans was in the movie and tings lol. There was a picture of me, mum and Kane and that was like when I was about 8, and he was 15. There was also a black plastic bag, which I opened as well. Oh s*** I thought. There was a gun and bare 20 pound notes. And a little note attached to the money, it says...
This is 4 u bro...Take care of mums, and play the game right or don’t play at all. Bless no pressure. Kane
I guess he knew he wasn’t gonna live that long, anyways he had haters that wanted him down; I guess they got their wishes. I told Trey the next day and that was how we got in the game, until now.

Two (Girl like Sky)
I stopped going school when I finished year 8 and didn’t plan on going college either. I just jam in my house when I have time, in case any wastemans try jump in my house. Down the ends, there’s this guy, who everybody call Jay, is 25 and surely run the ends but I ain’t scared of him. No mans dance around him, or he just straight end up your life in front of your famo. He don’t do games for himself because he’s got people that back him anytime he want to deal with something. Like one time everyone were jamming out, and a boy called Jordan came and started chatting rubbish about how Jay’s nephew stole his bike. It’s funny and sad at the same time inut, because Jordan got burned with everybody watching him and nobody ever even dare try calling 999.
Getting money is the same thing as getting shanked. Everybody hustled around the ends just to get a few bucks in their pocket but there’s a risk of you getting killed but you get lot of money though. Every month, you will hear that someone got shanked or shot in south London. Everybody knew how south London was running; it wasn’t any news to any other ends like North, West or East. Like for me, I got shanked 5 times and shot one time but I’m just hard like that and I don’t die that easily.
“So when am I coming to your yard then?”
It was a girl from around the ends. She wasn’t just any random girl. Her name was Sky. She was known around the ends and chicks envy her. Brown skin and swagger on point. Every man around the ends wanted her, even just to touch her skin but I ain’t like that, she wasn’t my type anyways. I’ve never chirps her but she usually give me the offer but mans always say no because my girl has beat lot of mansdem and when I say mansdem I mean BIG guys.
“Michael are you even listening to me?” she said smiling, and very confident.
“I’m listening but nope you can’t come to my yard,” I said back to her
“Why, I need you please....I’m getting wet just standing next to you,”
Now she was touching herself like them desperate chicks in the movies. Touching her chest and tings, now that’s just mad cuz no girl can seduce me by touching her chest.
“I’m out,” I told her and walked off. I heard her sucking her teeth but even though I was still not gonna beat her, I had lot of things to sort out.

The author's comments:
I from london, so I guess some slang may not be known to some people but I hope you love it and omments. thanks but it's not finish yet.

oh yeah, what goes around where I live in london, inspires me to write this. so enjoy

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on Nov. 18 2010 at 5:47 pm
AaronLawrence SILVER, St. Louis, Missouri
9 articles 5 photos 106 comments

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This was great, really felt like it was written straight from the streets.  Some of the slange went way over my head and it needs a good deal of editing, but this was extremly good.  It was nice to get a veiw of london that people don't normally see.  (whats an inut-like the eskimo?) 

on Nov. 17 2010 at 10:13 pm
Hope_Allie SILVER, Las Cruces, New Mexico
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..this was...well the slang....maybe thts cuz i like accents...ha reminds me of something i read before. its not like any london i've ever heard of but keep it up =P

Lonleydandy said...
on Nov. 17 2010 at 5:28 pm
Honestly, not like any London I've ever heard of.


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