lost to me

November 12, 2010
By mrs.bipolar.penguin SILVER, Billings, Montana
mrs.bipolar.penguin SILVER, Billings, Montana
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some day the world of music and art will have to change and im going to be there when it happens

out of breath. running but from who? from what? she did not know at the time. she was only 8 at this time.innocent bright eyed dark brown hair gold-brown eyes. a picture of beauty. sadly she had no place to call home her mother was said to have died giving birth to her well that's what sister Clair says any way. and her father is lost some place. she was alone when the other people came to see the other children at the orphanage in the thick mountains of Alaska. it was only her and sister Clair now. they were alone. when the boy showed up, that's when the nightmares started. now she was 16 it was her birthday and that night he was there with her and the sister. oh and her name is or was Angelita. this boy and her are in love but think that the other does not know (haha). on the out side they hate each other. on the inside fire hot passion lives within and there hate and frustration only fueled this passion. his name is Raul. he tries to hate her but fails he was not there all the time before. he lived with a man who looked so much like a little innocent girl with brown eyes. her father he tried to kill her through Raul. and lost his battle of love and hate. he watched them fight and know the sister taught her well but thought he taught Raul better. when they fought Raul tried not to hurt her he held back. she did not understand why her father tried to kill her and with someone she loves so much it made so since to her. but now after all the years of hate and secret love they joined and Raul lived with sister Clair and Angelita as not a family but a pack. on her 16th birthday she turned. she was it now she was in no all the secrets about her life and her family. her new life began here on one day 16 years after her so called "dead" mother vanished. she learned why her own father wanted her dead and who she was inside and out.

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this is i little preview of a story im working on hope you like it:)

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