All because i fell in love

November 9, 2010
By SuneeDee PLATINUM, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
SuneeDee PLATINUM, Glenns Ferry, Idaho
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The irritating screech of the alarm clock caused me to pry my heavy eyelids open. I slowly sat up in bed, trying unsuccessfully to not wake up Andrew beside me. His heavy hand grabbed my already bruised arm. I flinched.

“Where do you think your going?” He shook me, hard. I bit my lip and forced the swelling tears to go back into my eyes.

“I’m…going to make breakfast” I whispered. His grip tightened then loosened. Finally he let me go. I looked at my now red arm, at the bruises that didn’t even have a chance to fade. I slowly cautiously got up from the bed like a beaten animal. I would act this, I am a beaten animal. Suddenly, big hands violently pushed me to the floor. My air flew out of my chest as I crashed to the floor. His laughter filled my ears. Again I tried to keep the tears inside me.

“Quit fooling around or you’ll get worse! Go make my breakfast woman I’m starving!” He began to get out of bed. I quickly got off the floor and hurried to the ‘kitchen’. Once in there I let the tears fall. I heard Andrew get in the shower. As soon as I heard the water turn on I crashed to the floor crying and holding my chest. I breathed slowly and tried to catch my breath.

I imagined the first time we moved into this house. I was in his arms and he had kicked the door open only to have it come back and hit us practically in the face. We had tumbled to the floor laughing and so in love the world wasn’t big enough to contain it. We had decided to open the door the normal way. Once inside I was awed by the spacious home, the white walls and perfectly organized furniture. Our first meal was Mac ‘n Cheese. The sound of the water turning off brought me back to reality. I quickly stood up and fought against the pain. I put toast into the toaster and cracked eggs faster than I’ve ever had before.

“Woman!” I shook I was never Julie anymore just woman. I’m surprised I even remembered my name. I quickly but cautiously made my way to the bathroom. I saw him standing in the mirror wearing only his jeans. He was looking in the medicine cabinet.

“Yes?” I said silently. He looked at me with those evil filled eyes of his; the ones that used to be filled with such love. I don’t know what happened.

“Where is my razor?” I flinched I didn’t like the tone of his voice. This was a warning sign. Soon he would explode. I couldn’t dare say I don’t know but I didn’t know and I couldn’t possibly lie or it would be worse. I chose to stay silent. Wrong move. He took two strides and then his hand made contact with my face. I cried out and he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me towards him. I couldn’t look away.

“You answer me when I talk to you! You think you’re better than me? Well your not! You’re a sl** and o w****!” I blocked out the rest of it but listened enough to know when to nod. I knew this drill, he would take out his anger and then I’d be safe…for awhile. Unexpectedly his fist slammed into my face again. Again I cried out. I must not have nodded at the right time. He shoved me into the bathtub and I screamed as the edge of the tub made contact with my back. He was upon me faster than lightening. Beating my face my body my mind and my soul. I didn’t even feel it anymore. I looked up into his eyes looking for any glimmer of love from the man I once knew, there was none. I blacked out.

When I came to, dried blood was covering my forehead. My arms were already bruising and one of my ribs felt broken. I wondered where he was. I slowly got up but fell back down as pain shot through my back. I could not move. I don’t know how long I lay there till the ambulance came. I don’t know who called the cops. I do know, though, that I would never trust another person again. All because I fell in love.

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