Oh But We Shall Never Be

November 9, 2010
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Eurydice: “If only the pearly drops of Mother Rain would weave a magic staircase, into the realm of clouds; then, I could climb the glistening steps to glimpse the untold prophecies.”

Orpheus: “If only the devious thorns gave way, and delved deep within their roots, then cleared would be the path to the brink of the crystal walls- which, thick and vague, an impenetrable pallor still; Oh then I could peer through the gloom and glimpse the eyes of Love.”

Eurydice: “The most powerful prophecy carved by the hands of God - the words of which, not read by wiser minds, but felt with the heart that drowns in the truest of Love. Yes, and then would I know the truth, and venture into His empire, to the very edge of the crystal walls.”

Orpheus: “And once I have trodden the walk of thorns, and be it if my feet bleed profuse, I would seek the prophecy, yes the one untold and untouchable. That prophecy I seek - one that reveals what is true and divine. Just as close the walls do come’th, the gravity of truth is stronger. And then shall I know what separates You and I!”

Eurydice: “The walls, as my tender hands feel and my dreaming eyes behold, are pale nonetheless as stalwart. Abstract as it may be, mightiest it is to bear the truth and tear apart the merge of our worlds! Ah, and after I have come so far, I do not feel any nearer though. But I feel it to be the sole duty of my being, to know what has made me tread on land, and what destined you to be in the nestle of the skies…
Oh Crystal Walls, Open thee, let me in, for True Love’s sake!”

Orpheus: “On a pool of blood, I stand and stare; oh but how much more blood have I shed from the thorns, than my heart has shed for the pain of love? The leaden glare of the highest walls- cruel and ashen, as it may present- a dagger that slays the hope and joy and dreams…
Open Ye! I beg to see, and touch for once, in eternity- the hands so soft, that I dream of everyday!”

Eurydice: “Glancing hard, through your stone heart, Ye walls! You cannot blind the eyes of the heart! I see you, my love; through the ashen crest- I see the restless glimmer in your eyes. I touch the cold of the walls, and in vain I endeavor to neglect the ice, and feel for once the warmth of your gentle hands.”

Orpheus: “I see a flicker traced with love…traced with the aura I dreamt today, and years to now. I know, oh, I know ‘tis you, my dearest. I feel the rippling beats of insanity and sorrow for a Love that has sung on forever, but nonetheless still to find the voice. Ye Walls! I have seen through your deadened depths- bar you cannot, the words and the eyes of two hearts in Love!”

Eurydice: “Oh Love, come hither. Let us see, if not feel, the glow in each others visages! Before the clouds must part from the edge of the walls! Before I fall through the fading white beneath my feet! For fear of the fall I do not make hurry, but for the fear of losing the only chance to be so near!”

Orpheus: “Make haste, my love, make haste. And I am to do so too. It is a deep yearning of my heart to behold the beauty that shines in your being. Quick, before the thorns arise from beneath their roots in the brink of the walls, like the sprouting weeds through the winter snow! Before the devil’s snare must grow out and pierce through my heart, let us feel the distance close between us.”

Eurydice: “If the Wall must accept only that which is true, then it might be so that I know what to do. I Love Orpheus, and only Orpheus alone! With all that makes my existence whole! There, I have declared the truth. Now let me in, ye heartless Wall!”

Orpheus: “Even so if the Wall opens not, even so after my only Love, Eurydice, has spoken nothing but the naked truth, then a thought slowly creeps up my mind - a cold sword-like ache in my head…My Dame, my Love, I think now I know…how truth is not our Love, but that which says it cannot be!”

[The Wall Speak’eth The Ancient Prophecy, The Only Ode Of Truth]:

“If thou think that strong enough is your Love to shatter my crest,
To shatter it with what you believe to be the Truth and nothing else;
Halt and Hark! It is time, I claim, that you reason with yourself-
Know, that I speak the truth and only the Truth itself!

And when Truth denies the existence of all the Love,
That you two must bear in your hearts;
Let Reason reign, and Truth be told,
When Dreams do you part…”

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