Letters to the Army

October 29, 2010
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I hope you get this letter while you’re gone. I hope you read it, and love it. I hope you remember all the good times, and miss me. Most of all, I hope you say ‘I love you’ out-loud. I hope you do. Here it goes:

I swear, you’d do anything for me; anything to make me smile or laugh. You prove me right every single day. You kiss me on the forehead, and hold my hand in public. When we hang out it’s like the whole world stops spinning just to watch us fall in love.

I believe you and I could take on the world together. Nothing can stop us… When you go away, we’ll be scared and sad, but don’t forget I’m only a letter away! We can conquer the world long distance. It’ll work; I promise.

I trust you so much, and I can’t see you ever breaking it. You wouldn’t want to hurt me, and I know you would back me up if something did hurt me. You could be my knight in shining armor (or maybe just an army uniform).

I don’t know if we’ll be together forever, or if we’re soul mates or anything, but I do know I want o be with you. I want to get to the point where you have my heart…
But it’s a long way down when my hopes are so high, and I think I’m falling for you.

Honestly, the way you hold me makes my heart explode, and the way you kiss me makes me melt. Your hand holding mine makes my heart race, and when you run your hand down my back, I swear I could be yours forever. I could fall asleep in your eyes as easily as I could in your arms. I could go on, and on about how everything you do is perfect…

One day, I’ll take you to my spot. We’ll sit and watch the water together. It’ll be romantic and fun. You’ll kiss my cheek, and I’ll smile really big. We’ll both know it’s love. We’ll both hope by some stroke of luck that we’ll be together…forever.

You accept and respect me, and that above everything else proves you’re a good guy. My crazy quirks, and wild imagination are a little off-beat, but with you, I feel as if I’m directly on time. You don’t get mad or frustrated with my actions, though sometimes I know I get out of hand. You just accept everything that makes me, me.

Remember when that dog came up to us at my house? I named him Carol, and he became our best friend for he night. It was perfect! We fed him pizza and walked him around the block. What a crazy dog Carol was! Quite the runner too. He was SO heavy, but oh well. We still enjoyed his company.

“Stop looking forever, happiness is right next to you.” I think that’s the best fortune anyone has ever gotten. It made me so outrageously happy; I truly believe I was the happiest girl in the world at that moment. Who knew what we had then would become what we have now? This blossomed love, perfection, happiness, greatfullness, passion… My fortune was so lame compared to yours! “You will go on a vacation.” Really? That’s all they could come up with?

Your smile and your laugh are two of the cutest things about you. It seems like every time I look at you, you smile at me. Your blue eyes shine so bright when you kiss me, and the way you look at me, I know you have strong feelings for me.

It’s kind of awesome to be dating an army boy. Strong and brave….yet so stinking adorable! When you’re gone and training, I have no idea what I’m going to do. Wear your necklace, bracelet and sweatshirt everyday. Think about you….constantly! Cry ever thirty minutes… I hope you miss me too! I hope you don’t cry, but I hope you think about me a lot. I hope.

I hope when you come back, you hug me, pick me up, swing me around, kiss me, watch the sunrise, and watch the sunset… I hope you let me fall asleep in your arms. I hope you show up unannounced and make me the happiest girl in the whole world. I hope you say the three perfect words. I hope we dance all night, and kiss under the stars. I hope you do this…

You taught me soccer (poccer), do you remember? I twisted my ankle and you cared that I was hurt! That’s never happened with a guy… Even after I got injured I kicked your butt at the game. Nobody does that but me! I’m a beast… I could pretty much be a star at that game. I can pick it up quite well too! Silly, poccer.

Really, you’re dance moves are ah-maze-ing! When you’d sneak a kiss in, I think I was partially in heaven. The way you would pick me up and swing me around… Wow that was awesome! You kept telling me how beautiful I looked, and for once in my life I started to believe it.

I hope when you get this letter you go out and look at Arihanna. I hope you think of me in some pretty dress dancing around to some Taylor Swift, and making you the happies man in the world. I hope you think of me telling you I loved you, and kissing you on the cheek. I hope you write back to me…immediately, and I hope you say ‘I love you’ out loud once again.

I love the feeling you give me. A rush of excitement, mixed with love, mixed with all my hopes and dreams for us. I love the way when I see you I get nervous. I love how I can’t help but smile when I hear your voice. When you look into my eyes, it’s like there’s nobody else in the whole world. Just the thought of you can drive me wild.

I love when you come to visit me at work. I love to look over and see you watching me, and I like to have you there to vent at anytime. I love when you wait until I’m off work to leave. It makes me feel like I’m important in your life. I get to turn around and smile at you whenever I want!

I remember the day I decided to show that I liked you. I was so nervous! I hoped to goodness you wouldn’t come into work that night. I kept telling myself if you did come in, I had to flirt with you, or I would never have another chance. You came in, and my stomach completely dropped. “Think fast” my mind told me, but all I could think of was you! Then you came over to get a drink. It was now or never. I saw you grabbing for the tea, so I say smoothly, “You should really get the lemonade.” Sweet. I flirted with you. Right? I swear, I don’t know how to interact with boys. Anyway, we flirted a little, or what I consider as flirting, and it made me so scared!

That night after work, I knew what I had to do… I got your number, and I texted you. “Seriously, lemonade is better.” Once again, smooth… We began texting that night, and we kept doing it daily after that. Then we began hanging out! Finally, at one of the football games, you held my hand in public. The next day, you asked me out, and obviously I said yes! Now look how darn cute we are!

You told me you loved me last night. I said it too. No regrets. I really do love you; not a doubt in my mind. What’s not to love? Your smile, the way you treat me, how you back me up in a fight, your blue eyes, your truck, your ability to get me free food… I love it all. Especially the way you kiss me, and the way you tell me everything. I swear, I trust you more than anyone. You know my biggest secret, and you know what hurts me more than anything. You protect me from these things. You let me forget. You’re the best.

I hope you get this soon. I hope you get this and you love it. I hope you say ‘I love you’ out loud. I hope you hold it to your heart, and I hope you cry. I hope you cry a happy cry. I hope you miss me. I hope you miss me a lot. Most of all, I hope you come home soon. I hope sooo much. Anyway, it’s time for me to conclude my letter to you. Here it goes:

I love you.
I can’t wait to see you again.
One day, we’ll be married.
Maybe not.
I miss you.
I hope you read this soon.
Love, Shelby.

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