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October 30, 2010
By veronicachic BRONZE, Leeds, Florida
veronicachic BRONZE, Leeds, Florida
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Its the week of a talent contest in my town......there is one guy in the contest that i really like. He is called Josh and he is singing in the contest.

So today the contest started and i really want to get close to josh. Iv tried everything but i just cant get to him. Then later in the week he was sent out of the contest so i knew it was my chance. He was sat on the edge of the seet where me and my mum were sat so i went over to him and i asked him out and he said yes.

The next day josh came over to my house. He gave me a kiss. He then said he had to go because he was meeting some friends. When he went i chased him to the end of the street before i caught up to him. I needed josh because even though it wasnt his i was pregnant and i told him that so he gave me a hug and blew off his mates.He said that he would stay by my side.

Today josh came over because i saw him from out of my window. He came up to my room and he gave me a hug. We sat on my bed cuddling and kissing.

So today we had to go to the hospital with my cousin. We rang josh and he thought it was me. My cousin had cut her shoulder. When we got to the hospital me and josh stayed in the car. I gave josh a kiss and he asked what it was for but i didnt answer. He gave me a kiss on my head.

So today is the day when my baby is due. My friend asked when my cousin said i was due and josh said in 10 minutes....

The author's comments:
it was inspired by a dream

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