Age is but a number?..Love is just a concept?

October 28, 2010
By Perfectly.Imperfect BRONZE, Mitchell, Other
Perfectly.Imperfect BRONZE, Mitchell, Other
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- life without love is like trees without blossums of fruit.

It was our first time hanging out together in person. Typically, like how every new friendship is made latley, we met on facebook. We would talk for hours.
Somehow, as lame as it sounds, we fell in love.. yes.. on facebook.

We were with other friends, he walked me home. We stood there, close to my house for a while awkwardly. Untill he pulled me into his arms(my most favorite place).
I pulled out of the hug, not wanting to leave but knowing i have to, i finally seperated my lips to somehow formally say "I guess i should go now..".
He looked like he had much more to say, like his task wasnt fully accomplished.
"Noo" he said, pulling me into another hug. Standing there in his arms, feeling invincibale, he said something.
"Laura, I have a question.."
for some reason, the only thing i could say was :
He never stopped hugging me.
He let his arms loose a little though.
" Will you go out with me?".
It was obvious we both loved eachother, even though we wern't offically dating.
"sure" i sounded like i didnt really want to, but like i had no choice.
Oh, how romantic right. "Sure"!?
I still regret only saying "sure". That day, that moment is the one time i wish i could re-live over and over, and all i said was "sure". Way to go.

About 2 and a half months of dating, my parents found out i was dating him. I know it sounds bizzarre, them only finding out two and a half months later, but it was better that way. Because once i told them, they almost ruined everything. They did everything in their power to keep me away from him. I got kicked out of the house twice, because i was dating him.
The only reason why they didnt like him was for one reason, his age. 3 years age diffrence. I was younger. Alot of people find that gross, but age IS just a NUMBER.
I already got verbally abused by my mom, so it was difficult at home already.
I went to the only person i had left to rely on, my bestfriend. I thought there was still hope of someone near by being close to me, untill i found out she hated Dylan.
.. well no, i already knew she did, but i thought she'd still try to be there for me. I was wrong. she didnt want anything to do with me.
Neither did any of my other friends, and it was all because of age.
I lost all my friends, I had no family to go to, and Dylan was too far away.
I was lonley, and things were getting very difficult.
I still wasnt going to give up.
3 months went by, i snook to the city to meet up with him. 3 whole months without seeing him finally paid off.
The day was perfect, that day, nothing could bring me down.. untill i got home.
My mom figured out where id been.
Not only was it verbal abuse, it got somewhat physical. I threatend to call CFS, her comeback was threatning to call the police, and get Dylan in trouble for being a "pervert" because of the age. But he definetley wasn't a pevert, and i definetley still didnt plan on giving him up.

Now, almost 4 months of dating and we are still together. I finally got my dads approval on Dylan, not yet my mom though.
Its still hard, but i prooved two things to myself.
1) Things always need to fall apart in order to fall into place.

2) Giving up brings nothing but failure.
and now,
its just 4 months, and counting untill the day we can be with eachother every moment of the day.

Between every crack, theres a problem.
Between every tear, theres a story.
Between every smile, theres a reason.
Between every footstep, theres a journey.
and between every spare moment of being apart, theres two hearts growing fonder <3.

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on Nov. 3 2010 at 4:49 pm
livingmylife4512 SILVER, Pleasant Plains, Illinois
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Any lyric by The Maine or Never Shout Never
"I am I, you are you, we are we, we could live in such harmony"

I really enjoyed this story. It was pretty good! Keep up the good work(:

on Nov. 3 2010 at 1:50 pm
Stacee O&#39Dell BRONZE, Manistee, Michigan
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i liked it...sometimes u have to fail to succeed


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