My first experience

October 28, 2010
By , -, India
“You acted really well”
That’s how it had all started. Broad chest, thick wavy hair, light brown eyes and a dashing smile. He was every girls dream.
It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon in the month of October. His eyes were twinkling in the sun as he looked straight at me “Seriously, you did” he said after we had just performed a small skit.
The dramatics teacher just sighed, looked down and gave me a D for my acting skills. So much for a ‘good performance’.
“Thanks” I replied looking back at him.
From then onwards our friendship grew, like a flower. Little did the flower know that there would be many obstacles in its way.
We talked through classes until we were thrown out of the classroom for not paying attention. Sitting outside the classroom I don’t think we learned our lesson, we’d continue from where we’d left. Then, suddenly completely unexpectedly, I fell for him, hard and fast.
He came to me one day on a sunny afternoon “Hey, I have really less players in my hockey team can you play with me?”
“I do play hockey, but I get really nervous sometimes”
“That’s okay I’ll stand ahead so that if the ball comes towards you I’ll back up and help you out so that you don’t embarrass yourself.” he said with a wink.
There he was being all flirty and sweet, making it so convenient for me to like him.
Even love him. He’d always be around me asking me questions, making me laugh or just smiling at whatever I said. The way his light-brown eyes would twinkle when I laughed at one of his jokes, just made my heart melt. It was love….or so I thought.
We had a fight one day over something extremely stupid. The next day he ignored me as if I wasn’t there, as if our friendship never existed. This continued for a month. It hurt me, every single day in that stupid month of November. Since he wouldn’t talk to me; other girls started talking to him, and flirting with him. It hit me really hard that he didn’t care. So, I decided to hate him. I convinced my self that he was a cheap player and he didn’t deserve a person like me in his life. Until one cold December morning the teacher assigned us to be partners in an upcoming project.
“Hey” he said.
“Hi” I replied. Short and crisp.
“So what’s up?” he asked.
“Nothing” I replied
“Looking forward to Christmas?”
“What do you think you’re going to get?”
“I don’t know”
I tried to stop every conversation he threw in my direction. But as much as I enjoyed his cute attempts to make a conversation. I hated him, or so I tried to make my self believe.
He was still sweet, chatty, and flirty. As if nothing had happened.
What was with him? Couldn’t he realize what he had done? And how it had hurt me?

“Hey wait up!” he said catching up to me in the hall one morning.
“Hi” I replied with a weak smile.
“How much did you get in that test?”
“You first”
“C. You?”
This time he looked at me, he really looked at me.
“Hey are you okay?” he asked, his voice was gentle.
“I’m fine” I replied I guess he noticed I had been crying as I usually got an A or B.
“Hey relax, it’s only one test, there’ll be so many others, right? There is no need to get so worried about it”
When I didn’t reply he continue “Hey, don’t be so sad please”
I looked up at him his expression was grim, his eyes were exploring my face, waiting for a response.
Each word he spoke felt like a kick in the gut.
“Thanks. That really helped” I replied with a smile.
His eyes started twinkling again as he smiled back and then walked away.
The minute he left I felt it again. The same old feeling that I had been hiding for so long.
Love, I think.
Once again our relationship grew, this time the flower was a bit more aware of the consequences of life.
The prom was arriving soon and I had a mild feeling he would ask me.
He came up to me one day “Hey are you going to the prom with anyone?”
My heart skipped a beat. My palms were sweaty and suddenly there was a big lump in my throat. He’s going to ask me, already?
The thought of it raised an impish smile on my face.
“No” I finally answered.
“Guess what?” he asked.
“I got a date!” he rejoiced.
“Really? That’s great. Awesome.” I said as I forced a smile.
There it went again. My heart, breaking into two.
Did he enjoy this? How could I be so foolish? And how could I fall for the same guy twice?
Next week he got pneumonia. I hate to admit it, but I missed him a lot.
He was my friend, so he still cared for me as friend. And so did I. I was quite sure that I would get over him sooner or later.
The semester ended and I hadn’t seen him for an entire month. He called me one December night “Hey I miss you” he said.
A small smile took over my face “Me too”
Then with all the courage I had I finally let it out in three words “I love you”
He paused, what seemed to be the longest 3 seconds of my life, and then replied.
“Me too”

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FutureNovelist said...
Nov. 4, 2010 at 11:05 pm
Btw. I am the writer. That's why I said that.
FutureNovelist said...
Nov. 4, 2010 at 11:01 pm

This will kind of ruin the complete story.

But what ACTUALLY happened after that was he said "I love me too"


ideaspazz said...
Nov. 2, 2010 at 7:56 pm
Well that was expected.  You could have left us with a bit more to go off of but otherwise, great!
ImNotCrazy said...
Nov. 2, 2010 at 6:19 pm
awesome story
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