Your my always and my forever.

October 24, 2010
Stepping through the darkness, Chelsea made her way into the forest. It was late and she was tired and weary but she was looking for something: maybe hope or belief that everything will turn out okay, in the late-autumn woods. Her life didn’t seem to be going in the right direction and she couldn’t feel more alone. She lost direction and pain took over. As she took a small step, she stumbled over a half-decayed small block of timber, but it caught her eye. She noticed a small, almost invisible inscription scratched out with a small pocketknife. She knew exactly who had made it. He was close to her and held the key to her heart. “Chelsea”. One word can mean so much. The petty, old inscription brought back terrible memories and the tears seemed to poor like rain. She saw the terrible night, the night she lost the one she truly loved and suffered for. Nathaniel- her protector, her lover, her best friend. She gave up everything for him and losing him hurt each day. He was gone in an instant: one night 2 months ago. A car crash, litters of blood, and one dead body. She sat on a small log nearby, cradled the old piece of her memory and simply remembered.
The bright sun shining down. The big wide meadow. A little purple flower. Kisses in the rain. Hot chocolate by the campfire. Cuddling on the couch watching reruns on TV. The magic of the happy times and memories almost made her smile faintly. She loved him, he loved her, and they were meant to be. But fate intervened. Everything in life isn’t fair and Chelsea got knocked over in the everlasting game of chess between her and life. Chelsea was crying almost hysterically but no one was there to dry her tears. It was the forest all around and her cries reverberated loudly among the trees. Only shadows danced among the bushes and tall elms. As she wiped her tear stained eyes and stumbled out of the forest, she dropped the little wooden chip as stepped out of the clearing. As she walked home, her sobs quieting down and her terrible headache diminishing, she thought about him again and again. Nathaniel was in her heart, in her mind and in the life forever. She walked home and threw her keys on the floor as she ran into her room and collapsed on her bed. She flung herself at the pillows and sobbed quietly. She didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for her. Chelsea wanted to be strong for the two of them but it was never easy to face the world. She put on a brave face but inside she was hurting and still vulnerable. She felt scarred because the future held surprises and Chelsea, an ordinary sixteen year old was afraid of what comes next. She was afraid for two -her and their unborn son who would never know his father and would never know his second half! As she took a small step towards her mirror, she gently lowered her hands towards her stomach and whispered quietly,” Landon, daddy’s always with you!” and the tears came down once again.

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