The Writer : Part 1

October 22, 2010
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When I pick up a pencil, I dont have to think about the words that will be written. They just effortlessly flow out of the tip of my pencail, not having a care in the world but finding where they belong; in betwen the lines on a piece of paper. I wish I could be more like them; having a place to belong. Ive always been different. Ive always been the outsider who had no friends, the girl who got invited to no sleepovers or parties. Its not because im not pretty. Im not trying to be vain either. Thick, waist length, jet black hair that cascades down my back in heavy, glossy waves with round, deep brown, almond shaped eys on a 5 foot 4 inch body, is in fact very pretty. I have excellent grades, I dont come from a poor family and Im not mean. So the only thing thats left to drive people away from me is my writing. Everyone thinks im weird because I keep my my journals so close to me all the time. Thats never going to change though. Pencil and paper dont betray your secrets, hopes, and dreams to the hungry ears on high school students' heads; especially the main gossippers. No one can seem to understand that, and if thats how it has to be, oh well. My journals are my best friends and they always will be.
" All right class pay attention! Class has begun!"
I was snapped out of my reverie as my last perios English teacher, Mr. Rossweld, started the class.
" We have a new student today; Mr. Damon Bloom."
The whole class moved their heads as 1 to look at the fron of the room. There the new student stood standing with a sheepish grin on his face, and excitement shining in his eyes.
"Ummmm........ let me see, where can you sit.?.?.?...... aha!" Mr. Rossweld said pointing to the empty seat that was sitting right next to me. "right there. Next to Miss Sunner. Miss Sunner, will you please raise your hand so Mr. Bloom will know where to sit.?"

My hand slowly raised into the air while my eyes stayed locked with the new boy's. He had looked directly at me the moment my hand started rising. Now he made his way down the row, all the while staring into my eyes. I stared directly into his back. He broke away 1st, so he could sit down in the desk, but continued to stare once he was seated.

" Does that seat suit you Mr. Bloom?" Mr. Rossweld asked him politely.
" Yes sir; thank you." the new boy replied just as politely, but in a slight untraceable accent. All the while never driving his gaze away from my mine.After a few more seconds of this, I broke away from his gaze and glanced down at my twiddling thumbs that were resting in my lap. 'Why did he make me so nervous.?!' I thought to myself.

" Hi; my name is Damon. Whats yours?" the new boy quietly but eagerly asked me.
After a brief moment of hesitation, I managed to stutter:
" Elizabeth........ my name is Elizabeth. Most people just call me Liz though."
" Well im pleased to meet you Liz" he replied in his slight accent.
After that he leaned back in his desk and and payed close attention to what Mr. Rossweld was saying. Before turning back to my desk, I studies Damon very closely. He was about 4 or 5 inches taller than me with a great muscle build and a slight tan. He had dark brown hair that fell just over his eyes; it reminded me of hair you see on a surfer boy at the beach, only darker. His eyes were the most brilliant green Id ever seen and they were piercing and attentive. He was defintely beyond good looking.

He glanced at me sideways and I quickly urned to face forward in my seat. I waited a couple minutes than sneaked a peak at him. He had the hint of a smile playing across his lips. I blushed slightly and focused on the lesson for the rest of the remaining class time.

When the bell rang, I gathered my belongings and tried to scramble out of there as fast as I could but Damon wa s blocking the door.

"Um..... wait; Elizabeth...... you're really pretty And..... and....."

"And?" I prompted him, taken by surprise at the sudden comliment.
" And I like you." he answered back. "well, bye." he finished and left in the blink of an eye.

I remained standing there, shocked but quite pleased wq=ith the brief conversation. I walked home smiling with my heart racing.

The next day at school, when it came time to go English, I eagerly walked as fast as I could to Mr. Rossweld's class. When I reached my destination, I was greeted by Damon who simply handed me a note and sat in his desk. I awkwardly walked to mine , sat down, and opened the note. It said : You're the most beautiful girl Iive ever seen. Meet me in the school's courtyard after class? - Damon.

I ripped a piece of paper from my precious notebook and quickly scribbled my reply, which said: I'll be there - Elizabeth.

I passed it to Damon and watched as his face lit uo with excitement and anticipation. The wait until the end of class seemed to take forver, but when the bell finally rang, I picked up my stuff, and for the first time my notebooks were on the bottom of the stack of books in my hand. Then I excitedly made my way through the school to the courtyard......

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.haley. said...
Oct. 30, 2010 at 6:51 pm
id like to apologize to everyone for all my grammatical errors n my post; i have a netbook so my keyboard is very small and its easy to make mistakes.!
lollipoplicklick said...
Oct. 29, 2010 at 2:40 pm
aw i like this! ur a really good writer.
.haley. replied...
Oct. 29, 2010 at 4:08 pm
why thank u so much(:
lollipoplicklick replied...
Oct. 29, 2010 at 5:19 pm
ur welcome. when is part 2 coming out?
.haley. replied...
Oct. 29, 2010 at 7:15 pm
im working on it now(: i was scared to finish it and post it in case nobody liked it but since you like it, i will post it as soon as i finish it.!(: and i really appreciate your support and waiting on the 2nd part.!(:
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