Did I Prove It?

October 22, 2010
“It’s time.”

I waited for as long as I possibly could. The wind blew softly, sweeping my bangs to the side. My arm was falling asleep holding the blue and silver shoulder bag. My phone suddenly vibrated. I was hoping it was Shane, but disappointment entruded me, seeing it was only a facebook notification.

My best friend Kayleigh saw my face and wrapped her arms around me. “I don’t think he’s coming hun.”

The plane was all set. The pilot was waiting for me to get on and I knew I had to leave. I started walking over to my family. They were lined up, waiting to each give me a hug goodbye. My dad was first. “Have a safe trip sweetie.” I smiled but I couldn’t speak.

One by one, my family members hugged me, saying have fun, keep in touch, and don’t forget to bring back souvenoirs. My crazy adventure was turning into a heart broken trail of regret. I didn’t want to leave anymore. My family, Kayleigh, Shane…

I walked to the stairs of the plane. Sighing, I started up the steps but then emotion came over me and I quickly spun on my heels and ran to Kayleigh. I threw my arms around her and held tight.

I finally did calm down, still crying and having 2nd thoughts. Spain will be cool, right? I started to the plane once again when I heard my name being shouted at.

“Courtney! Wait!”

I looked back and saw Shane running toward me. In an instant, I dropped all my belongings in my hands and sprinted to him. He grabbed me and pulled me close to him. His fleece coat was soft and I rested my head on it for as long as I could until my mom said I had to go now.

“Are you really leaving?” Shane said, tears building in his pool blue eyes. I started to cry more. He was the only reason I never wanted to go.

“Yes,” I finally say, still holding his fingers intertwined with mine. I am looking deeply into his eyes. I just hated how I had to say goodbye.

“I love you,” Shane said suddenly. I did a double take and looked up at him. His expressions made me think he really meant it. “I love you too,” I reply. With a final hug, I set off on my newest adventure, pondering on so many things.

The seats on the plane were very soft and plush. I tried to relax into it. The pilot’s voice came over the intercom.

“We will be expecting some more delays. Sorry for the inconvience.”

I closed my eyes. What’s a little longer now. I look out the window to see everyone still there. I smile, only to realize Shane isn’t there anymore. My heart is hurting. Why did he already leave? Now I question if he really does love me…

To my surprise, I open my eyes to a folded up piece of paper in my lap. It reads,

Courtney, I want you to know that you are the most amazing girl I have ever known. And I when I said I loved you, I didn’t say it so you would say it back.. I really love you. And I know I will prove it. -Shane

I don’t believe it. I unbuckle my seatbelt to get up. As I do, my lips are caught off guard from someone kissing me. But after just a second, I know exactly who it is.

“Did I prove it?”

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