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October 22, 2010
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Brushing a finger against my lip I swore in my head. My lip was bleeding again – it always happens. When I’m nervous, bored or thinking I start to chew the skin off my lips (not very smart I know as I almost always end up drawing blood. Not pretty).

Trying to block the blood flow I glanced around. The classroom was dead. No really – absolutely no enthusiasm (though not surprising as it was the middle of summer – HOT). The usual chatter of voices behind me was gone. I turned around, curious. A whole row of girls were slumped against their desks, leaning on their chairs or looking out the window. It was pretty cute to watch.

Girls twirling their hair, rubbing lip balm on their lips, staring at ‘eye candy’ across the room - much better to watch then pay attention to chemistry and physics lesson in a teacher’s monotone voice. A breeze flew in from an open window, bringing with it the scent of cherry blossom perfume. Nice. Wonder whose it is. It’s always easy to day dream during lessons. My friends usually sleep or bunk. I do too but there’s a trick to it. Don’t get caught.

Today I was too lazy to come up with some excuse to not be sitting there. Added bonus: I was sitting next to a girl with a rocking- body. Even more to fantasize about. Just then she turned to flash me a toothy smile. Plastic...pathetic...but definitely amusing... What girls do for a guy’s attention? You don’t wanna know but I learnt that some have no boundaries (and no self preservation). The girl flipped her hair over her shoulder, half of it smacking me in the face. Usually I would be flattered but today it was starting to get annoying.

“I forgot my textbook, can I share yours?”
I grimaced. Such a cheesy line, seriously? Her voice was also hitched up a tone louder and squeakier than normal. Blinking, I nodded. What choice did I have? No point in starting a fight just because I was in a rotten mood.

She inched closer to me and I put my arm around her (it was what she wanted). She giggled. I frowned. Looking at the clock I waited impatiently for the period to end. All this acting was getting infuriating. I know I have status and a role I’m expected to play but no matter how good looking the girl was everything else about her pissed me off. She was pressing herself against me, smelling strongly of jasmine – I hate jasmine. I glanced at my friend opposite me, asking for help but he just wiped the drool from his chin and winked at me (great support hey?)

Just then the bell rang and I quickly removed my hand from her shoulders, rose from my seat and stretched. She looked offended but I didn’t care. Many girls wanted my attention – not bragging or anything, just a fact.

Heading for the door I bumped into another girl, geaz they’re everywhere, but this one walked on past – no apology.
“B****,” my friend, still a bit sleepy, said.
I agreed but couldn’t help but think, HOT. Not many girls did that to me but I didn’t spare her much thought until she dropped something and turned to pick it up. She was quiet a distance from me but I could see that she was crying.

Well that settled it. I don’t go near girls who are emotional – that’s when they’re irrational and have serious PMS. What? It’s true! The girl looked up at me and frowned. She was definitely looking at me – and she was livid. What did I do?
“Who’s she?” I asked the guy beside me. Suddenly, another girl was by my side (I ceased trying to learn their names).
“Oh that’s the new girl. Remember the one you dissed in front of the whole grade yesterday? Embarassing!”

Blinking I tried to remember but couldn’t.
“She changed her hair and got kicked out of English class last period...” the girl babbled on but I walked past.

Yesterday...yesterday? What happened yesterday? I flirted with some girls, listened to sexual jokes with my friends and...and...and mocked a painting in art class claiming that the artist was sexually frustrated, had no love life and was probably doing some teacher during recess. The drawing was very visual – I had to make a comment.

Lifting a hand, I ruffled up my already messy hair having a bad feeling. That girl looked furious. Entering my next class I felt a splash of water against my face and going through the thin fabric of my uniform. It was oddly cooling. My shirt and pants were soaked. It didn’t look good. The water dripped down my pant leg and I made a face. People were staring. No good. I had status. I made the rude comments and embarrassed people – not the other way round.

Looking around I spotted the girl walking across the corridor, looking defiant and with her hand uplifted.

I laughed, in exasperation. I cannot believe it. Doesn’t she know who I am? I don’t believe it – she just flipped me off!

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CanadianRose This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 26, 2010 at 2:52 pm
Good story. It's very easy to imagine the scene as you read.
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