Iced Frappe Mocha

October 18, 2010
By AMI_J BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
AMI_J BRONZE, Parker, Colorado
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I stepped out in to the bright sunlight of a mid-day summer blaze. It was HOT. Like fry eggs on the side walk hot. I sighed. Living in Arizona is nice to live in more so in the winter than in the summer. In the winter there is no snow, no freezes, no bundling up. I had grown up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. My dad owned a ski resort up there. Because of this I am a kick-a** snowboarder, but mountain life is not for me. I dislike the cold. Cold is death. Cold is solitary. Cold is scary. Cold is everything I fear.
To solve the problem, I left Colorado. I went to school in California. Got my Degree in law at UCLA and now own a law firm in Phoenix Arizona. That is my life story. Kind of pathetic.

I walked over to my Black (yes, I was dumb enough to own a black car in Arizona) Dodge Viper. I dropped my keys. The landed a fair distance away from me on the sidewalk. I went to pick them up, but another hand was already there. It was a perfect hand. Tan, and callused from apparent years of hard work, the hand reminded me of my brother’s (he worked as a guide to climb up some of the mountains in the general area of Steamboat). “Here you go” Said a perfect voice to match the perfect hand. It was deep and comforting. It made me feel like those perfect hands could protect me from anything.
I finally looked up. He lived up to his voice, and his body was one that matched his hands. It was tan and muscular. His lips were chapped and his face was a tough, hard looking, statue. It showed no expression. His eyes were startlingly green. They looked like cats’ eyes, wide, green, and unblinking.
“Th..Tha.. Th..Thank You” I stuttered. He smiled at me, his face finally showing some emotion.
“Not a problem, that’s a nice lookin’ car you got there” He said.
“Thanks” I said. I had regained control. “Unfortunately it’s black, and it is a 106 Degree day, so it looks nice but I can’t say much about the comfort level” He chuckled.
“Hey, listen, can I get you a cup of coffee” he asked gesturing at the coffee shop across the street. I opened my mouth, about to say something. He cut me off before I could say anything. “An iced coffee?” he said. I smiled.
“That sounds much better than a hot coffee. Yes, I would love to go get and Iced coffee with you.” I replied.
We began to walk towards the cross walk. “So,” he began “I wonder, what profession must a girl have to be able to afford a car like that?” he Gestured at my car. I smiled.
“Lawyer” He smiled.
“Do you work at that law firm? The one I saw you come out of?” I nodded. “So,” He said, “tell me about yourself.”
“Me?” I asked. “There is not much to tell. I grew up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. My Dad owns a ski resort up there, but I didn’t like the cold so I went to California, got my degree in law, and moved here to practice.” He smiled.
“Sounds Familiar.” I was about to ask him why, but we had arrived at the coffee shop. He walked up to the clerk, and ordered a Hot Regular Coffee ( I don’t know how the man could drink that on a day as hot as today) and turned to me and asked me what I wanted. “An iced frappe mocha “ I told him, and he told the clerk.

We sat and drank our coffee. We also never ran out of things to talk about. We talked about my family, his family, my job, his job. He was a tour guide at Saguaro National Park. I asked him why he was in Phoenix. He told me it was because his Aunt, who had lived just outside the city, had recreantly died and left her whole estate to him, so he was trying to sell it, but he wasn’t having any luck.

After my iced frappe mocha was gone he walked me back to my car. “I didn’t catch your name” He said.

“I didn’t throw it” I Said. “Thank you for the coffee”

“Iced coffee” he interjected.

“Thank you for the iced coffee, I’ll see you around” And with that I got in to my car and drove off, leaving him in the dust.

The next day he was waiting by my car with a Iced frappe mocha in his hand. “I still didn’t get that name” he said handing me the iced coffee. I smiled.

“You are relentless, my name is around, and you can find it” I got in my car and drove off again.
The next day there was a bouquet of white and yellow daisies left on my windshield, along with an iced frappe mocha. I smiled and looked around. He was nowhere to be found. The day after that there was a teddy bear wrapped around an iced frappe mocha, and the day after that there was CD and on top of it (can you guess) an iced frappe mocha. I got in to my car and put the CD in the CD player.

Music surrounded me. It was perfect. The songs on this CD were amazing. They were me. They were simple and complicated at the same time. They were nature and technology. I think it was then I fell in love with this man.

The next day there was a basket with two sandwiches, to diet cokes, a bag of Lays Sour Cream and Onion chips, two cookies and a checked blanket . No iced frappe mocha. I felt a tap on my left shoulder. I turned. There he was. He smiled. I smiled back and said “Samantha Smith.”
He smiled back. “Hello Samantha, I am Jacob Madison, can I interest you in an iced frappe mocha?” He produced just such a beverage from behind his back, and handed it to me. I smiled.
“Why thank you Jacob, you are quiet the gentleman” He grinned goofily, and asked me

“Mite I interest you in a picnic?” He reached around me a grabbed the basket from on my car.
I Smiled “Of Course Jacob, nothing would make me happier”

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