Stark & Nite--part one

October 20, 2010
By toripantherwolfgirl BRONZE, Reader, West Virginia
toripantherwolfgirl BRONZE, Reader, West Virginia
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You wouldnt know what to do if I told you my story, if your reading this you must believe everything you read here will alter your life compleatly. You will no longer be safe. Not even in the town church were my kind connot go. The only thing that can keep you safe right now is to close this journal and not read the awful tales of Stark and Nite the two lovers that could never be.....I am warning you on last time if you have not closed this journal yet you are most likely intriged by my crypticism, yes? Well i'm sure your the right person now. I will start i can tell you it is a grizzly tale....My dear,Hope your not faint of heart.
It started oh about 200 or 300 years ago during the great mela& carnica war. The Mela or as humans called them the angels had a male heir named Stark Dimika Mela, of course they expected prince Stark to contribute in the war but alas he was all to young..... as was the Carnica heir who was hidden for her own safty even though she was always heavaly gaurded by her fellow h*** shifters. Her name Nite star Carnica, was reverd athough the Mela have never seen the little h*** shifter they feared her though they hid it well. Yet they did not know she was also young as theyre very own heir who they intrusted to a fair King and his Baron wife. But though the Carnica had a better idea of raiseing theyre heir. They sent the dark beauty to a war lord for her to learn strategys and to learn to fight unlike the mela the carnica prepared for the future harding theyre heir into an mersalis feind....That is until the Mela boy prince changed that.

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Umm its very new just comment if you wuld like more or have any ideas of improvement

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