HIgh school love

October 19, 2010
By Anonymous

October 19, 2010 is the day I probally became closer to him. let’s start from early today. I texted him during my fourth hour class asking if we could talk in person to clear some shennanigans up. Well I went on with my normal day hanging with Ashley, Jordon, Nicole. Pretending not to be anxious about seeing him after school. Before I forget I also auditioned for a solo part for choir and that was excting. Well finally sixth hour came around and we got to watch “Selena” for spanish. Sitting in the class my nerves became worse, and I became jumpy. The bell rang and I was out the door. Delsie yelled after me and I just waved, “ I gotta run!” I walked in a fast pace to the auditorium, so I wouldn’t miss the bus. When I reached the auditorium, I texted him “I’m here.” As I waited I saw him coming and reading my message. “ Look up Ned!” I shouted and he did. A big smile grew across both our faces. We walked to the back doors of the auditorium and I said, “ I do like you, but I don’t want us liking eachother to ruin our friendship.” I tried to go on but he got serious, “ I won’t let that happen.” He said firmly. I was too bouncy to stay still so I was serious but moving around. To let my sarcastic side out I asked, “Won’t let what happen, us, or your fangirls beating me up?” His light brown eyes lit up and a smile grew, “ Neither.” I was pulled into a hug before I broke off so I could run to the bus. Now I as write this I wish I could have had more time, and all I see is his face, and his eyes, he is to tall to see anything eles.

The author's comments:
If you want me to keep writing this intresting fictional story please tell me! there is more to the story, i will publish more if asked!

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