Always WIll Be

October 18, 2010
Dear Y.O.U,

It all started with a friend request...and from there, magic happened. It was just that one conversation at the library over 'facebook' that made me realise this was going to turn into something...different. Three days pass and we are texting 24/7. I wouldn't even put my phone down because it was the only thing I had to keep be connected with you.

Two months and 16 days later and you are still here. The obtictals that I thought would tear us apart, only brought us closer together. Amazingly you managed to makeout with my bestfriend, get feelings for another girl, say "goodbye" countless times, and still prove to me that all that meant absolutely nothing.

You made me realise how much I really like you by putting me in situations where I have to choose between You or my Bestfriend...and you kept everything a secret for the longest time. Now I can say I dont go an hour without thinking about you. I reread our conversations over and over and everytime I feel butterflies. Never in my life have I had a crush, or whatever you want to call it, go on for this long. And I always wonder how long it can last.

I have doubts about everything...but you reassure me that no matter what, you are there for me and you will never leave me for good.

Through the heartbreaks, wounds, nights falling asleep crying into my pillow, and nights I wont dare fall asleep before you know I love you, I hope it always will be....

what a foolish thought that is though...


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