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a dream that starts but never ends, this is the begining

By , lehigh, FL
I was walking home after school one day with my friend May, like we do everyday. But today something felt different, strange. It felt like we were being followed. And not being followed by someone we know. In the corner of my eye I saw someone, no something. I turn my head as fast as I could but nothing was behind us.

As we continue walking that feeling doesn’t change. I still saw something in the corner of my eye. I heard a laugh, no ordinary laugh an evil laugh. The ground shook, the clouds molded together like some sort of shield, the sky turned grey, and the trees looked like they were mocking us like the were the ones laughing. The world felt like it was spinning. It was too much I fell to the ground. The last thing I remember is a person I have never seen, pick me up off the ground and May following him.

When I wake up I am in a hospital bed with the stranger and May in the same room. The stranger is sitting in a chair with his hands in his head. It seemed as if he was crying. I hear him say “I am so sorry, this is all my fault that this happened to you, you should be at your house with your sister and not hear with me,” the next thing I know is I black out again.

When I was blacked out I had this dream. I was lying on a bed, floating in the middle of space or a different dimension but floating on a bed. I jump off the bed and I fall, fall till I hit the ground. I did not splat like a bug but I landed on my feet. I was dressed like a queen in a royal ball gown that looked like a wedding dress. It was my favorite shape of blue, Caribbean blue. I landed in the middle of a ball. The stranger was dressed up as a prince and was walking my way. He said, “You made it, you made it, welcome to Andera falls. You remember me don’t you? This is my world,” I laugh. “Your world? I am just dreaming this is not real,” I say. “Yes my world and you are not dreaming you are really hear. Dance with me and I will explain everything you want to know. I am Prince…….

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stargirl1215 said...
Oct. 21, 2010 at 3:10 pm
i posted it before i finished it!!!!!!!!!!!
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