Another Love Story- part Two

October 14, 2010
By , delmar, DE
“I think the teachers talking to you Jake,” I said
“Oh sorry,” once he realized what he had done.

“It’s ok” I replied to Jake “but, I kind of understand what you’re doing.”
He looked at me and smiled really big and told me “I know this might freak you out but I was wondering if you could where my football jersey today in school and then wear it to the football game, and will you go out with me like be my girlfriend I love your personality and oh my gosh your just really cute in my eyes, I really don’t care if you don’t want to but do you want to?”

“Well I wouldn’t see why not Jake”.
He took his jersey off and gave it to me and said for me to wear it and that he would give me a ride home from school and then he would pick me up for the football game and not this time but next time he would drop me off at the band room because I haven’t learned the drill yet.

Natasha came up and handed me a cheerleading uniform and said I have heard that you were a cheerleader at your old school so I will let you on the squad tonight during the football game to try it out, it’s going to be a blast if you do like it and you can play in the band if you’re on the squad.

“Thanks, I guess.” I at least had to thank her.
I could tell that Jake was a happier guy even more that he had just learned that I was also a cheerleader but whatever.
“So I didn’t know that you were a band geek,” he said in a flirty way “and a cheerleader.”

I laughed, “Yea that’s my old school they let us do that because I love both the same way band well I love that even more than cheerleading but I love both.”
I looked down and I remembered that I used to wear a secret buddy football players uniform and I would have to pack a little goodie bag for that particular player for the year. Jake was such a cute guy and I still couldn’t believe that he had chosen me as his girlfriend.

Science finally started after the longest mourning announcement had taken place which was almost twenty minutes which meant that I would be holding Jake’s hand and everyone would find out eventually that Jake Salerno and me were going out He looked at me like I was the only one in the room, there was this girl named Sierra who he had introduced me to and we were instantly friends, just like all of my other friends back at my other high school I kind of missed them but now I really didn’t because I fit right into this new school and my old high school friends didn’t count anymore because no one knew who they were.
Jake turned and looked at me and smiled, I couldn’t bear to just smile at him. The teacher announced our lab partners and surprisingly we were put together. Sierra told me that she was Jake’s sister, so I asked Jake to see if it was true. It happened to actually be true which I thought was cool but, if I would break up with Jake our friend relationship would probably end right along with the relationship between me and Jake.

Jake kept smiling and I couldn’t keep it inside of me, I turned to Jake and kissed him. I turned back and looked toward the clock on the wall, something struck my attention and I had to ask Jake.

“Jake, you a great guy and I know that you really like me but what will happen if you and I break up will your sister Sierra be upset?”
He looked at me like I was going to break up with him if it was a bad question to asks, I was scared for him to answer my answer would it be a bad or good answer.

“I really don’t know, Jess but if she is I will make her so she’s not and I won’t blame you if you do break up with me,” Jake replied my face I could fell the heat coming off of my own face like I was sick and had a fever, “I do tend to do something wrong and the girls never forgive me”
“Oh, you know I really like you to Jake your really funny and I wouldn’t really have done anything or probably have met you if it wasn’t for crashing and falling down and you falling down on top of me.” I said it with a little grin but I grinned in a good way.

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