Forest's Angel

October 15, 2010
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I had always watched, from a distance anyway. Now I was watching Lilly, she was putting their child to rest. Little Jamie. He was like his father, strong, brave, loving, forgiving and a man among men. Of course he was only a child now, but I could see great things for this baby to do, he would truly follow in his fathers footsteps. I could not help but smile when I thought of Xavier. He had changed my life and I had lived a long time.
Xavier was tall, bold all the things he son was too. Unlike Jamie though Xavier knew the truth of my world, where I will make sure my lovers son never finds out.
The old oak I had occupied for my look out position grew more comfortable the more I sunk into it. My leg swung loose over the edge of the large branch, my autumn hair flowing loose down my back. My jacket was fastened tight round my body and my torn jeans hanging loose on my hips. The boots, I had worn since I bought them almost four years ago, looked broken and in need of repair. I always took up this position when watching over my lovers family, as I had promised him as his last request.
My thoughts were interrupted when I heard Lilly speak.
“Would you like to here about your daddy?” Jamie laughed, a baby’s way of saying yes. I knew this little boy would ask many questions about his father as the years progressed and I would have those answers.
“Well, I’ll tell you the story of daddy and the girl.” I leaned forward in my seat and the sound of ‘the girl’. “Well, this was before you were born, your daddy went out for a walk as he wasn’t feeling very well…” I should of left but her words were stopping me. “He was gone a while, I started to get really worried. Then my phone started ringing, I picked it up expecting it to be daddy.” she was keeping her voice calm to make sure it stayed in a story telling tone. “Instead it was a girl…she was breathing fast saying I needed to come to Fox’s corner something had happened to daddy.” if she had not been lost in her story she may have realised that Jamie was already asleep but she kept on. “I rushed to fox’s corner as fast as I could. When I got there, there was daddy lying on the floor and a girl, the most beautiful creature I ever saw was standing above him, she spun round looked at me, knelt down kissed your daddy and ran away. I tried to chase after her but she was gone.” tears were flowing down her cheeks, I hated to see Lilly in such a state when I vowed never to let anything hurt her, but I could not show her I was so close. Not when I had allowed her to see me on that fateful day. “Your daddy’s last words to me was… ‘She’s an angel… trust her.’ I always looked for that girl but I never saw her again.”
I jumped down from the tree.
I had heard Lilly tell that story to her son a hundred times over, each time it struck me how little she knew of her husband. In some way I respected Xavier’s promise to keep it a secret but on an other hand he had told her I was watching her even if she didn’t know it. I through my head up to the darkening sky, I scowled. Xavier’s spirit begged me, as it did every night, to keep my vow. I walked the street thinking of what had happened the day I lost Xavier, not the day Lilly thought was the day we lost him….no the day I really lost my lover.


He waited, sat in the corner. He waited. The rose in his hand and the smile faded from his face, for the millionth time that night he checked his watch, 11:05 the dance was over in an hour and she had not showed.
Maybe it was as he feared, she could not have stayed forever, she had said so herself but would she really leave without saying goodbye. The thought brought tears to his eyes, few passer-by’s stopped but said nothing. As head boy Xavier was unapproachable and certainly not one to be seen crying. People had no idea how to comfort him, they looked round at their dates nervously and then back at their noble leader.
His face had grown solemn and his thoughts hollow. If she did not come in a few moments he would leave, he had been saying that all night and he knew he would stay till they kicked him out. I sighed, he stood. People seemed to hold their breathe, he gave them a weak half smile and left the sport hall and went to stand on the field.
The stars were out, the tears seized as he remembered she was one of them. She might be up there at this moment watching over him, the stars seemed to shine so bright that night, in special occasion for the dance.
A small hand crept over his shoulder. He did not turn but his hand went out to hold it.
“I thought you weren’t coming.” The small hand slipped away and the figure of a girl, small in size, hair the colour of autumn, ivy skin and eyes the colour of emeralds. She smiled up at him as her fingers entwined with his.”
“You thought I’d left. I’d never leave without saying…goodbye.” he scowled at her reading his thoughts, he knew she could do it but he never quite use to it. He sighed and he embraced the hug she offered him, they became locked into the embrace.
Her lips brushed gently across his, he deepened the kiss and the passion between them set alight, her perfectly white dress shone with gold light, the wind whipped around them but they didn’t care, his angel hadn’t left yet. When they finally parted, she still shone, a bright golden light. Xavier smiled and laughed, usually she had to hide her light but now in the open she didn’t care.
“Your beautiful.” she moved around him, the white dress trailing, she didn’t look like a teenage going to a high school dance, she looked like a angel lost on earth. Which, despite the irony, she was.
“Maybe.” her voice was dropping and she was avoiding eye contact. Xavier knew her too well to ignore the signs most humans would dismiss as nerves. He rounded on her and pulled her close to him, determined to hold her close and make sure she didn’t get away from him.
“What’s wrong, babe?” She looked at him sternly. Her gaze more intoxicating then ever. He released her. She stepped back slowly, she did not speak. But looked at the stars and when Xavier realised what she meant he cried.
A boy crying was a rarity but the way Xavier cried was like watching all you loved and worked hard to please upset and broken.
“Do not cry, close your eyes.”
“Do it.” her soft voice becoming firm.
He obeyed her command, all went black for Xavier. Then a familiar sensation flooded his heart, a feeling only delivered by a kiss.
Her kiss.
Her lips on his moving freely and confidently, their bodies becoming one again. Their whole world exploded and sparks flew, the voices in the dance hall no longer existed and she flooded his mind with images.
A white place, with clouds and it was light. Pure light, the fields were green and the sky was blue and every inch of it contained pure bliss, everything you ever wanted was found here, and Xavier knew she was showing him heaven, showing him her home.
When she broke away, she leaned close to his ear.
“Goodbye Xavier, you shall live a happier life then the one I can offer but remember this.” she pulled away and placed a hand on his cheek, his eyes still closed one last image came to his mind.
When he opened his eyes, she was gone.


I remembered that night as if it had been only yesterday, I should never forget it as long as I live. I looked back at Lilly’s home. I knew she was sleeping calmly.
“Oh Xavier, she knows so little and your son, much of you is in him. I wish you was here to see them grow. I do not belong in any part of their life.” the wind whistled though the trees, I knew it was Xavier sending me his comfort, I inhaled the cool winter air and shivered under its touch.
I was in fox’s corner.
I looked over at the tree, a single fallen tree had taken a life when it had ended its own. I sat cautiously on the edge, even Lilly would never know what happened her.


“I know you’re here!” his voice was hoarse and tired. His hair once ebony now showed almost chestnut coloured, his once thin body was muscled and proud. His very aura showed he had matured but his mind had not changed.
From me position in the tree, I could see him well. I had seen him a few times since that faithful night but not once had he recognised my new form, this time though I was in the form he knew best, my true form. The scarf wrapped tightly round my neck, my jeans were tightly fixed on my hips, my long red cloak hiding my face. I jumped silently from the tree however from all my years of sneaking up on him I dropped my guard and he caught me. His eyes stern and emotionless. His jaw was set in a firm straight line, I looked straight back my gaze unaffected my the amount of beauty the years had given his features.
“I thought you left.” his voice was low and agitated.
“I did. I came home.” we started circling each other, I had not changed a single feature since he last saw I was still a sixteen year old girl, however he was twenty two and did not realise he was never to see his wife again after this fateful encounter.
“You didn’t come to find me, you left me. Made me think all these years you would never return.” he stopped circling.
“You had moved on and my presence here was not to seek you out.” his shoulders dropped and he seemed relaxed or upset. I did not dare think it was either. “I must go.” I turned to leave, I was already a distance away before I heard what he said.
“Don’t leave me again!” I stopped. I heard it before I saw it. The creaking of roots, I spun round and started running towards him.
“Xavier!” he heard me and spun round in time to see the tree. It fell out of no where, the next thing I heard that silenced the whole forest was the tree hitting the forest floor and the distant cry of pain as it fell and crushed Xavier. I ran to him and tried to roll the tree of but it was too painful for him. I remained calm I took out my mobile, Xavier was crying out in pain and I tried not to scream as the person on the other end sounded panicked as I felt.
“Hello. Lilly? You need to come to Fox Corner now. Xavier is injured…” I turned to him he wasn’t moving. “badly. NOW!” I hung up the phone and stood up, I summoned all my power and willed the tree to obey me and roll away, it managed to roll away a few feet and I ran to Xavier’s side, my fingers entwined in his. Ii felt his grip tighten on my hold, I lay next to him. He started coughing for air, his eyes seemed glassy and even I knew he would not make it. He knew it too I fear, though neither of us spoke it.
We lay in silence taking in each others essence and remembering the times neither of us would forget.

The rest of my story came into quick motion, Lilly arrived and she found me standing over the almost lifeless body of her husband, I spun round to face her.
She looked shocked and alarmed. I knew she’d ask questions so I did the only thing I thought would save her from the truth.
I ran.
I ran fast until I leapt into a tree. I watched her call after me.
“Wait! Stop! I need to speak to you!” eventually she gave up and went back to her husband. I stayed in the tree’s till the body was taken away and Lilly was safely escorted home. When the forest finally gave way to the night, it spoke to me.
Angel, you’re an angel. Were sorry we killed your friend, had to protect the angel.
I sighed. And walked away.


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