tenth grade jarheads

October 5, 2010
Have you ever liked someone by liked I mean liked more than a friend but don’t know if they are dating. We all have my name is James I like a girl named Skwiggy she is one of my friends. I don’t know if she likes me but I like her don’t know what it is about her when she is near me I just feel more comfortable around her. Unlike other girls I can actually talk to her about my passion because she has the same passion we both like guns she is basically the female counter part of myself she and I are both planning to be in the military. She doesn’t care that I eat like a barbarian. She loves to do chores I hate to do chores. I am protective she needs protecting we are in my opinion the perfect couple it is just depends on if she likes me. We both go to a trade school and take the same criminal justice course. After the bell rings I say to her “Skwiggy can I talk to you for a minute” she says “sure” we start walking to the cafeteria as we are walking I ask her “Skwiggy would you under any circumstances like to go on a date with me” she looks at me and says “I was just about to ask you the same thing”.

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