One with a Wolf (part 2)

October 2, 2010
By wolf_girl SILVER, Concord, North Carolina
wolf_girl SILVER, Concord, North Carolina
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A month had gone by since that incident. My brother has yet to let me walk on my own since then. I find it to be annoying because it felt like I was being treated like a child. When his friends would ask for him to come to the woods to hang out he would drag me along, but I had to stay next to him the whole time. Though I knew he did this out of love, I couldn’t stand this at all. Then one night, I snuck out of my house and went to the spot I meet the wolf.

Sitting there on that rock, I listened to the night-time sounds. The water fall was calm and sounded like a light rain was falling. Fireflies floated around like fairies and crickets played their little tone. Though it was a little warm the coolness of the rock gave me the chills. With the moon shining on the water it was as if it were glowing. All of this seemed to be a dream, but I loved it more since it wasn’t. I laid down on my rock, closed my eyes, and continued to listen to the wondrous night. How long I laid there, I do not know, but after that I fell asleep and trusted the night to watch over me.

Warm air blow on my face which awaken me form my sleep. Opening my eyes a little I saw that it was still night. Out to the corner of my eye I saw something solid black. I turned my head to look at it and stiffened completely. There, face close to mine, was my black wolf. Staring into his eyes I felt like a rabbit, trapped within his clutches.

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