His Kiss

October 6, 2010
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His kiss…
His touch…
Had I known it was the last time I’d feel either I would have made it last.
Made it special…
Make it our.

Those were my last thoughts before all went black.

“No response.” those words slipping in and out my mind.
People rushing everywhere but it seems so much slower then it was.
The lights flashed in my eyes but I didn’t blink.
My fingers were numb and I felt cold but I couldn’t move.
I tried to open my mouth to say something…
But my mouth wouldn’t open and words wouldn’t form.
I lay motionless.
My head seemed empty of all thoughts and my heart seemed to beat slower.
“No response.” those words again…
What did they mean?
What were they saying to me?
I couldn’t move… the air seemed to flow over me and all was silent.
I was sleeping and I was dreaming, I sighed in my head.. I love dreams.
Though it suddenly became a nightmare… loud words echoed in my head.
“NO! She’s my girlfriend, help her!”
Who was that?
What did they mean?
A luminous figure past over my face, my wide eyes looked up at him…
“Rosie its Chad, can you hear me?”
…That was me.
…My mind went blank.
“Wake up! Don’t do this.”
But I was sleeping, wasn’t I?
I didn’t want to wake up. I wasn’t doing anything wrong.
Then I felt warm.
And again…and again.
I later learned tears had fallen on my face one by one warming me.
My darling…
“…Wake up.”
I wasn’t sleeping.
I couldn’t wake up!
I was scared…my mind flooded with thoughts…
The deer…
…the brake…
The crash…
The crash!
We’d crashed…swerved to avoid the deer and hit a …tree. We’d hit a tree.
I wasn’t sleeping, I was in am ambulance.
I was suddenly afraid. If it couldn’t wake up…
couldn’t wake up…
Was I..
Was I dead?
“No response.” those words wouldn’t leave my mind.
Maybe they weren’t in my mind…
“No response.” I shivered.
Maybe they were…
“STOP YOUR HURTING HER!” someone wrapped their arms round me… I jerked upright into someones arms, they held me protectively. I heard a whisper in my ear, small as a mouse soft as a roses petal.
“Wake up… don’t leave me.” I was jerked back. My protector had been pulled away and restrained. I heard the screams but didn’t react, my arms wanted to reach out towards the frantic cries, they screamed at my body to help them. I didn’t move.
I couldn’t.
I was helpless…
I listened hopelessly to the screams when everything went silent with one sentence.
“Time of death…nine oh seven.” the ambulance seemed to echo silence. It took almost and eternity to work out exactly what happened next.
Chad screamed…
The ambulance stopped suddenly…
Paramedics were soothing out the screams and covering my face with a blanket.
A tear rolled down my cheek.
The forgotten tear…
It was never seen nor felt by anyone but me.
Screams fell into muffed whimpers and soothing voices turned into calm tones of control. I never heard what was said, I was too busy with my mind.
I’m not dead!
I’m here, I’m here!
Don’t let them take me!
Please I’m not dead!!
Even though they couldn’t see, I was crying. Crying when my no longer beating heart had stopped.
I cried, I don’t know for long but I it seemed like eternity.
If they’d let my face show maybe someone would have seen my tears… and if what happened next hadn’t happened they’d have let me go in silence.
“May I see her one more time?” Chad. His voice was like velvet and I felt so warm. His presence had sent a calming vibe through me. He coolly walked over to where I lay, my arms had stop fighting to hold him but waiting for his touch. I sat next to me where he bent close to me so only I could hear him, the paramedic had moved away to give what little privacy she could to him. A cold shivering hand closed around mine, Chad held on tight.
“I can’t believe you left me, its all my fault. I should have seen that stupid…stupid deer. Rosie, you meant everything to me no matter who you were or what ever you were. Mortal, immortal, I didn’t care you were mind. And I… I love…” his hand squeezed tighter. I wanted to hold him, tell him I was okay. That everything would be alright.
I cant die like that, I remember thinking. I remember thinking, after centuries of searching for him, I was the one leaving him.
Irony was cruel and so was death.
“Rosie I hate you.” The world stopped.
My motionless heart broke.
Although he would know later I could hear every word, he would never know how much those words broke my heart of stone.
“I hate you, you said you’d never leave! Said you’d be there forever! You lied… and I killed… I killed you. I hate you.” I knew what he meant, he was angry. He never meant it but still the words hit me like daggers. Stabbing my aging body. Making it bleed more then what more poor body could stand up to.
I cried more…
Maybe he didn’t see…
Maybe he didn’t care.
I felt cold…stone cold. I saw later, my skin had turned pale, my hair flowed in uneven waves. My body lay straight… one hand at my side the other folded across my chest… my eyes were wide… no one had closed them, so I could see Chad’s face one last time.
Of the thousands of times I’d seen it over the centuries, I couldn’t believe that the last time I’d see it would be at my death…
My long awaited death.
I suddenly at that moment wanted to leave.
I wanted to finally leave my body…
Leave this life.
After almost two thousand years of it, I realised in that moment it was lonely even with the purest of love in my heart. I prayed for Damien… where was he?
Would he let me die?
Help me…brother.
I sent out my thoughts but they were weak and almost unreadable even to me.
I was dead.
And I would die without my brother.
While my thoughts silently cried out in pain for my long lost brother. I felt a familiar touch…
A single kiss, stolen from my lips. It held for a few moments, then a it broke. I wanted to hold on but my body caged me.
I’m here… sister.
The thought shocked me briefly before I reached up… and stole back my kiss… looking directly at my petrified soul mate. I held his gaze.
“I love you too darling.” My last words. My final words I wouldn’t have any other way.

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CraZy_OnE_1 said...
Apr. 20, 2011 at 12:57 pm
AHHHHH! Why do you write about people who are dead and can't love anymore? It makles me sad!!! (brilliant, though)
Jules replied...
Apr. 20, 2011 at 2:09 pm

I wrote this at a time when it seemed love did die and to be honest since then I've found writting tragic tales make an easier and more twisting tale. However yes a happy ending would be a nice change :') xx


Your.GunMy.Head said...
Oct. 8, 2010 at 11:45 am
simply amazing
Pengurl14 said...
Oct. 8, 2010 at 11:14 am
As one of my best friends would say, "Tear". this is so sad! but i love it! keep writing!
TuffGurl said...
Oct. 8, 2010 at 6:17 am
Bravo. I love this! It was so sad... you did amazing. You should do some more or something. FIVE STARS!!!!
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