He Loves Me ~ He Loves Me Not (6)

October 3, 2010
By Kaylin_Mackenzie GOLD, Tomball, Texas
Kaylin_Mackenzie GOLD, Tomball, Texas
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"What?!?!" He could NOT post my song anywhere! Especially not the internet! Who does he think he is?

"Well, I just thought that you might want some publicity!" His warm hands still held my arms securely as he spoke. He is such a liar.

"You and I both know that is so not why you are doing this."

"Yeah, well, whatever!" He shrugged.

"Okay, now get off me and give me your phone." I demanded. I was not going to take his bull crap. He would do what I say or else I would severely injure him... Well, I'll injure him even when he does let me go.

“Now,” Damien gently wrapped his arm around my waist and brushed my his other hand against my cheek. “Why in the world would I do that?

I resisted every single cell in my body that was telling me to give in to temptation that goes by the name of Damien.

“Because I said so.” My eyes bore deep into his and he gazed back. The whole cafeteria was silent, all watching Damien and I.

He chuckled and smirked. “I never was one to do what people say.”

My body was pressed against his as he leaned in towards me. His face just inches away from mine; I realized what he was doing.

Oh heck to the no.

My knee rose up automatically and forcibly struck where the sun don’t shine!

Damien immediately fell to the ground, and I quickly pried his arms off of me. I turned around to see Alexia, Erik, Maddie, Kade and Aleah all with their mouths dropped to the ground.

“Ohmigosh!” Kade broke the silence. “You do know that Damien Parker was about to lock lips with you, right?”

I nodded.

“And you do know that you just pulled away?” Black haired Maddie looked shocked as she questioned.

I nodded again.

“And you do know that you kicked him in his--” Erik opened his mouth to speak but I cut him off.

“Yeah. I know!” There was an open seat next to Aleah that I sat in. Her eyes were so happy and her smile supported the look.

“I am soooo proud of you!” She squealed.

“Ha-ha! Why?” Before I could get an answer, someone tapped my shoulder.

Everyone stared at the culprit while I just sat there. I finally turned to see, of course, Damien.

“You are soooo going to pay for that!”

“Well someone’s slightly less than happy!” I love stating the obvious! It’s so much fun. People get so mad when I do.

“Yeah, you think!? I just got kicked in my… manhood by a chick that I really, really do not like at the moment!”

“You know? You sounded really smart when you said that last little part; ‘do not like at the moment’!” I mocked him knowing he would get even more aggravated.

“I am going to make you wish you were never born.” He threatened me. Wait, hold on. He did what?!? He threatened me? Oh not going to work! NOBODY threatens me.

“Did you just… I’m sorry did you…? Did you just… threaten me?” I dare him. I dare him to threaten me. Do somethin’ I dare you!

“No, I didn’t threaten you, I simply made a promise.” He really looked angry. No, angry is too light a word to use. He was fuming, but it was slightly under control. Only slightly, though.

“And why would you want to mess with me?”

“Because you just embarrassed me in front of half the school.” I looked around and saw that it was true. Everyone in the cafeteria had seen what went on and was still staring and laughing. Maybe I had embarrassed him, but he didn’t need to try to make my life suck.

“Well, you shouldn’t have tried to put my song on the internet.”

“Ha! I still am, are you kidding me?!”

“Uh, no you’re not!” My face was so hot and probably red with anger.

“Uh, yeah I am.” He nodded as if he were talking to a kindergartener. “After what you just did, believe me, I am.” His smile formed into his famous smirk as he spoke.

“Well, you shouldn’t have held onto me!” I tried to will myself into not yelling at him even though I felt like ripping his face off.

“You shouldn’t have tried to get away!” He took a step closer with that stupid smirk still on his face.

“You shouldn’t have tried to kiss me!”

He grabbed my arms and held me again. He then placed one arm around my waist and held my held my face in the other.

“I think it would have been worth it.” He whispered.

“What… what would have?” The whole room was silent again watching as I stared into the deep grey eyes of Damien Parker.

“Kissing you.”

“Yeah, well, you’re not going to be kissing me anytime soon. Go find one of your worshippers or something.” I released myself from his grip and went to grab my things. “You can post my song, sure, but just don’t kiss me.”

With that, I went to class leaving half the student body stunned at what I did.

The author's comments:
So, what do you think about Damien? What's going to happen next?

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