He Loves Me ~ He Loves Me Not (3)

October 3, 2010
By Kaylin_Mackenzie GOLD, Tomball, Texas
Kaylin_Mackenzie GOLD, Tomball, Texas
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**Damien’s POV*

Emma trembled and I brushed a piece of her hair out of her face and gently tucked it behind her ear. I began to close the space between us. There was only an inch separating our lips.

That’s when I hear the gasp.

I pulled a way and looked behind me to see the last person I wanted to see.

My mom.

She stood there in at the corner of the kitchen and glared at me.


“What the heck is going on here?” She yelled. Her face turned a bright shade of red to match the shirt she was wearing as she glared at Emma and me.

I pushed Emma away. Crap. I was in soooo much trouble. I have to come up with something fast. Sorry, Emma, but I have to do this.

“I don’t freaking know!” I lied. “One minute, I’m getting the pie out of the fridge and the next, this good-for-nothing freak’s trying to swap spit!”

Emma looked stunned. I honestly didn’t give a crap. Yeah I lied. She’ll get over it! So, she was hot. Not to mention probably a pretty good kisser, but I mean really. She wasn’t worth my time. I wasn’t acting when I said “good-for-nothing”.

“I… uh… wha… mm…” She stuttered her eyes wide.

“You… uh… wha… mm…” I mocked her still acting because my mom remained standing frozen, horrified. “I am not a toy, Emma. You might have better luck somewhere else with someone else.”

Her eyes grew wide and I turned to my mom. “I’m leaving.”

For some reason, it just felt a teensy weensy bit wrong. She actually trusted me which was kinda funny, but I did kind of wonder what it would be like to kiss those lips…

Not that I was interested… Psh… Tsk…

She didn’t even seem to want me that bad. But, I mean, I’m Damien Parker for Pete’s sake. I can get who ever the heck I want, right…

Not that I want Emma…. Psh… Tsk…

*Emma’s POV*

“I’m leaving.” Damien turned and walked out of the front door.

I can’t believe that just happened. For a second there, I actually thought… I thought that I was actually going to land myself a boyfriend for once in my life. That was about to be my first kiss and even though it was apparently fake…

Wait hold on. Did he just… He did NOT just blame that on me. Oh heck to the no.

I saw that Cheryl was still standing in the kitchen shocked and disgusted. She turned and followed her son out the door. Mark got up from the table, shook hands with my mom and mumbled something about that being his cue before walking out the door leaving just my mom and Jason.

Dazed, confused, raged, I just stood in the in the kitchen with the pie still in my hand. I hadn’t moved since Damien walked out and I probably looked pretty ridiculous with my lips all puckered up. Setting the pie down, I went into where the lower cabinets make a corner and sat down. Bringing my knees up, I wrapped my arms around them and just stared straight ahead. I tried to comprehend what had just happened but the only thing I could think of was one sentence Damien said.

“This good-for-nothing…”

I couldn’t think of anything else he had said but decided it didn’t really matter since we weren’t together, I hardly even knew him, and we had just met that night. Yes, it would suck that I would have to see him at school tomorrow, but I probably wouldn’t have any classes with him…

I decided to ignore it and get some soda. After I pulled myself up from the ground, I noticed my mom was standing right where Cheryl had been. She of course looked as confused as I felt and opened her mouth to talk only to shut it again.

She lifted up her hand to stop herself. “I don’t even want to know.” Then she walked off.

That was easier than I thought it would be. I turned toward the counter where I had put the soda down during the, uh, incident and poured some in a glass with ice. Once I got to the dining room, I realized I wanted some pie so I went back into the kitchen. Once I had gotten a plate and a fork out, I heard the front door open and slam shut.

To my surprise, Damien walked in. He stopped when he got to the kitchen and looked at me. I mean really looked at me. He stared deep into me with his grey eyes and almost, almost, looked apologetic.

I didn’t say anything and to my dismay, neither did he. Instead, he walked over to where I was without looking at me anymore and did something I will hate him for till this very day.










And then he had enough guts to walk right back out the door without so much as an explanation.

Oh. No. He. Didn’t.

And it was my favorite kind of pie: Pumpkin…

After I some what, kind of got over the fact that stupid Damien came in and took my delicious pie (not that I would know if it was delicious, I didn’t get to try any…) I realized how tired I was. A long flight full of nothing but complete and utter boredom can really knock the energy out of a girl. Once I finished my soda, I walked into the living room to get to the stairs leading to my bedroom to see that Jason was still here. He was sitting on the couch facing the TV watching some Sunday night football with my mom next to him filing her perfect nails for the millionth time in the past hour.

I started towards the stairs when my mom stopped me.

“Hold it, missy.” She didn’t even look up from her nails and hardly moved at all while she spoke. “Do I even want to know what went on with you and Damien?”

“Uh…” She made me stop in my tracks just a few feet from the foot of the stairs.

“OMFG!!” My mom shouted, this time flinging her nail-filer and hitting Jason in the head with it.

“Ow.” Jason mumbled, his attention still on the game.

“What, mom? What?” Totally confused.


“Yeah. Heard you the first time. What?”

“I know what happened!”

“I highly doubt that.” Please don’t know. Please don’t know.

“Okay, here’s what happened. You said that you didn’t like the pie that he brought, so he walked out. Then, when his mom walked in, Damien told her and she walked out, too. And THEN, Damien came back in to get the pie, and THEN, he walked back out to go and eat the pie that you so desperately loathe.” Somehow, she was able to say this in one breath. Somehow, she made herself believe herself. Somehow, Jason was able to remain focused on the game. But somehow, I was not able to stop myself from laughing.

“Oh… My… Gosh…” I choked between laughs. “You… you think… you think this is because… I didn’t… like his PIE!?!?”

My mom just batted her fake eyelashes at me and stared, completely confused. “Um… it’s not?”

Once I had stopped laughing and somehow managed to not pee my pants, I looked my mom straight in the eye and said, “No, mother. That is not even remotely close to what happened.”

“Oh…” She frowned and furrowed her eyebrows completely lost and confused. Then, completely out of the blue, her eyes got wide and she turned back to me. “Holy shiz!! I totally know what happened.”

“Yup. Sure you do, mom.” I started to walk up the stairs and was just reaching the top when mom yelled back at me.

“Damien KISSED you!!!”

In less time than it takes to blink, I was down the stairs again and facing my mom.

“WHAT did you just say?” Please, God, Please. Please let there just be something wrong with my ears.

My mom’s smile widened as she began to put the pieces together. “Awwwwwww! He kissed you!”

God hates me.

“Mom! He did not.” It wasn’t a lie. I mean, Damien didn’t actually kiss me.

“He soooo did.” She was about a foot away from me now with her polished nail pointed at me and a fake smile plastered on her equally fake face.

“Mom!” Whining. Just another one of the many services I offer! It comes in really handy sometimes…

“Awwwww! What was it like? I bet it was perfect!”

“Mom!!” Now it was my turn for my eyes to be ridiculously wide.

“Ohmigosh! Next, you’re gonna get pregnant!” My mom was now starting to really tick me off.


“That would make me a grandma. Grandma’s get wrinkles. I don’t want wrinkles…”

“MOM!! I am NOT getting pregnant. Repeat; NOT getting pregnant.”

“You sure?” She asked. I swear I saw a tear in her eye but I’m pretty sure it was because she was scared about getting wrinkles…

“Yes. I’m not going to get pregnant.” I assured her.

“And I’m not going to get wrinkles?”

“No, mother! I’m not getting pregnant anytime soon, and Damien didn’t even kiss me, so you don’t need to flip out!” I continued towards my room, and surprisingly, my mom didn’t come after me yelling about wrinkles!

Once I got to my room, which at this point was just a bed, dresser, and my suitcases, I went through my clothes and threw on some pajamas. Once I was finished, I was about to go plug my phone charger in so that I could text some of my friends when I heard a knock on the balcony door.

Huh. I didn’t even know that I had a balcony connected to my room. That’s awesome!

“What the heck?” I practically screamed.

Another bang.

“Sheesh. I’m coming.” Being the stupid person I am, I seriously went to go and answer the balcony door. Who does that? I mean, really?

I went to go open the door without hesitating what-so-ever. Surprisingly, once I did, no one was there. No stupid people from down the block trying to break in, no lost pizza delivery boy, nothing. Completely and utterly confused for about the third time that night, I was about to go back inside and just go to sleep even though it was only around 8:30 pm, when something in me told me to look down.

In the movies, when the person is looking for someone outside of a window, they never look down and there’s always something there. So, for once, I actually did something rational; I looked down. Just to the floor of the balcony, and saw the one thing that I was not expecting at all.

My pie.

Well, almost.

It had a pie slice cut out of it which did not make me to happy, but it was my pie none the less. With it’s pumpkiny goodness and the perfect little scoop of whipped cream on the top, my would have looked good enough to eat. But of course, the perfect little scoop of whipped cream was covered by a note.

I scooped up the pie along with the note on top and was about to devour it’s yumminess, but decided to read the note first.

I read out loud, “Emma- You suck. From, Damien”

Here I was, expecting the note to be some sorry letter from Damien, but no. I get a note telling me that I suck. I suck! Well, I should be the one telling him that he sucks, thank you very much!

Desperate to eat my pie, I ripped up the stupid excuse for a note and sat down on my bed. I ate most of it with my hands and then walked back out to the balcony with the pie container-thingy and some left-over pie in my hands. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but somewhere in the back of my mind, somewhere waaay back in the back of my mind, I hoped that Damien might be around.

Of course, once I walked outside, no Damien. Surprise, surprise. *note sarcasm*

My balcony was facing a window of some person, which really sucked, but I guess it was better than no balcony. The window of the person was open and the light was on. Crushcrushcrush by Paramore was playing loudly and blared out the window. Usually, this would really tick me off, but I love Paramore and crushcrushcrush happened to be my favorite song. Since the houses weren’t that close together because they were humongous, I could hear the music playing very clearly.

My legs started moving, dancing, doing there own thing, and soon enough, my whole body started to dance to the beat. I lip synced the words of the song and did it all whilst holding my pie! My back was turned to the window when I was dancing, and I was really getting into it when the music died down and I heard laughing in place of it.

Quickly, I stopped dancing and turned around. Laughing like a freaking crazy person was my worst nightmare.


“You’re my neighbor?!?!?” I screeched, stunned. I mean, I knew he was my neighbor, but I didn’t know he was right nest to my bedroom!

“You… you… oh my gosh that was so funny.” Damien said in-between laughs.

“What? I mean, other than your face, what’s so funny?” My face was probably brighter than a tomato at this point which totally sucked and I had just made myself look like an idiot.

“Wow.” Damien stopped laughing and looked completely un-amused. “’Your face’? That’s the best you can come up with? Really?”

“Whatever. Answer my question.”

“Oh!! Yeah.” He started laughing again as if I had reminded him. “You dancing was soooo freaking hilarious.”

“Shut up.” I yelled.

“Make me.” He retaliated leaning further out the window.

“Do you really want me to?”

“Bring it.” He smiled a lopsided smile trying to be flirtatious and failing epically. I was to mad at the moment.

I shrugged. “You asked for it.” With all my strength, I took my pie up in my hand and threw it at him, hitting him square in the face.

I cringed a little and then laughed my butt off.

Damien didn’t look to happy, though. In fact, it looked like he wanted to chop my head off and feed it to the dogs.

With a full face of pie, Damien looked at me and spoke after I calmed down from my laughing rage.

“You are going to regret ever doing that.” Glaring now, Damien would have scared the crap out of anyone else, but I of course just laughed even more.

“And what… what exactly are… you going to do… about it?” Trying and succeeding to speak in-between my laughs, I asked him.

“My mom baked a second pie.”


“You go to my school tomorrow.”


“I can do the same exact thing you did to me in front of the entire school.” Again, Damien’s words should have made me cringe in fear, but I only laughed.

“I’m sorry.” My laughs died down. “I just can’t take you seriously with pie on your face.”

“You’re going to regret doing this.” He repeated.

“Ooh. I’m so scared.” Sarcasm filled my voice as a faked shaking in fear.

“You should be.”

“I am… terrified actually.”


“Yeah… of the way that pie looks on your face!” I burst out laughing again.

“’Night, Emma.” Damien smiled mischievously and turned to hopefully get that pie off his face.

I didn’t even have time to answer him; I was to busy laughing. This boy is so… wow. He told me exactly what he was going to do! Really?! Tired now, I went back into my room and collapsed on my bed drifting… drifting…

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