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September 28, 2010
By Nook12 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Nook12 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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"When you have thought you found the "One", and they break your heart, it’s sometimes hard to move on.


Chapter One: He is not easy to forget….

Matt rose from his bed

Walked from the bedroom into his bathroom, the walls and floors of the bathroom were imprinted with domino designs. Grabbing his toothbrush Matt brushed his teeth, and washed his face. He looked in the mirror, thinking about the guy who he loved, who hurt him.

"How could I move on like this, "He" was my all." Matt had texted and called him several times that week, yet no reply. "Has he forgotten me already? After getting dressed Matt headed out the doors of the apartment complex and hopped a bus to his school.

The last person he wanted to see at school was "Him".

Terrence the leader of the popular kids at his school, hopped out of the warm shower in his ivory colored bathroom. He slowly dried himself off, and walked into his bedroom. Looking down at his cell, several missed calls from "Him" the one Terrence let walk out of his life.

"His laugh, his smile, and we even exchanged the word, and I just cast him aside like a bad movie."

As tears formed in Terrence’s eyes, his younger brother Andre walked in.

"Yo bro, are you still thinking bout Matt?" Terrence turned to look at his younger brother; Andre was wearing nothing but a pair of Hanes. "Yes I am, why did I let this happen?"

"You were scared…." Andre got closer and grabbed Terrence close, hugging Twe vnl terrence he said, "Maybe you’ll see him and you two can make up."

Terrence smiled wiped his tears , and headed out to his Mustang, checking his mirrors and putting his seatbelt on he drove to school.

Walking into the front doors, and into the crowed halls. Out of all people in school his eyes locked with "His".

As Matt stared into the eyes of the boy who broke his heart, he held back the urge to break into tears and beg for Terrence back. Looking the heartbreaker over again he saw the ring, he gave him that cold December 21st. He was so shocked he almost completely yelled. "Why did you keep the ring?!!" Terrence seemed like that question embarrassed him, his eyes shifted to look down at the ground. Then in a shy voice he said, "because no matter what, I will wonder why I let you go." Matt felt himself go red,." Terrence you ruined it, that’s why I left. You didn’t want me, you left me you crushed my heart, after promising you wouldn’t."

Matt clutched his fist tight, and ran out of the school, Terrence running behind him calling out, "Matt please talk to me!!, I need to talk to you!!

They ran ten whole blocks away from the school, Terrence trailing behind a speeding Matt. Just then there was the roar of thunder above them. Followed by lightning, crackling, and then a heavy downpour of rain.

Matt ran for shelter under a nearby bus stop, the rain was striking the streets, sounding as if it was raining rocks. Then Matt felt the presence of someone else inside the plexy glass bus stop. Turning to see Terrence leaning halfway inside the entrance to the stop, breathing heavy. His yellow, and purple striped polo shirt, as well as his jeans were soaked from the downpour.

"Why the hell did you chase after me? Maybe it’s your damn fault this storm came!!" He looked at Matt with a angered look, and yelled "How the hell is it my fault?!" Matt was about to reply when he let out a loud sneeze. "See you got sick, running in the damn rain what the hell Matt?!" Matt chuckled a bit.

"Let’s go, my house is one block back, you can dry your clothes off there Matt." Terrence didn’t hesitate to grab Matt by the arm. Feeling Terrence’s hand intertwined with his, made Matt’s heart skip two beats. They arrived at Terrence’s house, Terrence showed Matt to the bathroom.

The author's comments:
This is a excert from a novel series im working on, it's about me and my lover Terrence, this story takes place after events that made us break up

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