High School Friends Falling Deeply In Love

September 29, 2010
By myloveforwriting BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
myloveforwriting BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Chapter One
New Town, New School, New Friends

It is the day of the move, I am not excited at all, only because I have been living in Springfields my entire childhood. I have the most awesomes school, the bestest friends I could ever have and of course the cutest, talented, outgoing boyfriend ever. I am going to miss everybody, I know they are going to miss me because everytime I walk down the hallways its like I've been walking into my grave and everyone is there for the funeral. Anyways back to my bestest friends Beth and Dawn, Beth is the captain of the glee club and Dawn is President of Springfield High, I think everyone knows who my boyfriend is Pete Peterson the quarterback of the Jaguars woooohh. Pete and I have been together since freshmen year but we broke up once because I caught him with his bestfriend sister and a get together party, but I always believed everyone should get that second chance and every since then he hasn't blown it, at least not yet he hasn't. I am so full of sarrow and anger, I thought it was some kind of horror movie or some kind of nightmare that I haven't woke up from yet. We are suppose to be moving to Colorado Springs about 6 hours away from Springfields, the high school I will be going to be starting my senior year is the number one school in the state which is Colorado Hare High School, heard some celeb is enrolled there don't know who it could be but I'm not to fond about it, everyone screaming and druling over one person so sad it's like watching my neighbors daughters fight over who gets to ware what. One thing that I'm worried about is Pete and me I know once I'm gone we aren't going to be together but he wanted to do the long distance relationship but everyone knows long distant never work, I have this feeling that I should just let him go even though we care about each other so much it's not going to work I believe inside me way deep down that he's gonna cheat again do me wrong once shame on him but do me wtong twice shame on me, and I don't want that at all or even feel that so I feel that it's better for me just to let him go, it's gonna hurt alot yes it is but I got to do what's best for me. Its like that saying if you love someone let him go if he comes running back you're meant to be, but I never believed it, I would haft to see it for myself because I know that would never happen with me and Pete. I think that this move can be wrong but again it could be good for me I mean I'm almost eighteen and my mom promised me my own place the thing is that's awesome I know that I'm not ready to be on my own is that the house we are moving to has a guest house and the cool thing about it, is that when I turn eighteen it's mine how cool is that. That is probably the only good thing I like about this move. I will never know how it is until we get there you never know I could meet great people and maybe even fall in love but we will see what this adventure has instore for me. Moving to Colorado sounded like a crazy insane idea but when I look at it, it might be the best thing that's happened to me in years, I mean I have always wanted to study for my degree in Vet. school and I think this could be good because they have alot of school in Colorado Springs for that kind of stuff I've already looked at it on the internet. I hope when I am finish with high school I can just look towards my life and become something I've always wanted to be since I was alittle girl, I remember when my dad gave me my first puppy buddy he is the greatest pet I could ever have I love him with all my heart and until this day I still have him,
to be continued...

The author's comments:
This is about a girl who moves to a whole new place and meets new people and ends up falling in love with someone she never thought she would.

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