The Lazy W and a Week Of Feelings

September 29, 2010
By Your.GunMy.Head SILVER, Newark, Ohio
Your.GunMy.Head SILVER, Newark, Ohio
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He knew that she would be different. He knew that she would be something that could and would change him. They have been talking on the phone and text through the day. Something here was different... Something he has been holding he is going to let out. It was a Thursday night and he was bound to be the first one to see her. Her name is Aubrey. Just right there got him to sink in his seat of the car. Brandon was nervous. Driving to her house seemed to take forever only because he only thought of what might be. Butterflies in his stomach turned into birds and his mind went crazy. Brandon pulls up to her house and what he expected of her was wrong. She was more beautiful then a goddess and had a voice sweeter than an angels.

He stays at her house for about an hour. Within that hour his bones went numb, his heart raced and he stared into the most beautiful eyes he has ever seen. Aubrey’s out fit was better than anything. She looks so good in green he thought to himself. She wore a green OU sweatshirt and dark blue jeans. She was just the perfect height coming to his chest. Just where he wants it so when they hug she can feel what she is keeping alive. He went home that night happier than he has ever been, he could tell this girl is going to mean a lot to him and that he is going to share a lot with her. Later that night he had this warm fuzzy feeling in his body, he just laid inn bed and waited… Hoping she would call, she did. Brandon answered it within the first couple seconds and told her he had fun. She told him the same and a silence fell over the phone. “Will you go out to eat and see a movie tomorrow with me?” She said yes without missing a beat and Brandon’s heart raced and his mind wind wild. They would go to talk for a couple hours and he fell asleep on the phone.

Brandon woke up to what makes him feel special. He woke up to a text message from Aubrey. School was in session and Brandon couldn’t stop thinking about that night. School got out and Brandon went straight home to get ready. He left his house to go to pick her up. Driving there seemed to take for ever, he couldn’t stop his shaking. Pulling up to here house was different this time. He could tell things are going to be great and that he will not have to hide anything. The date went great and as they are on their way back to her house Aubrey grabbed Brandon’s hand and he sank. His heart dropped and he felt so numb. Loving every second he passes her house so that he could hold it and be with her longer. He pulls up to here house and they get and she asks for him to stay. So he stays.

They take a walk and Brandon couldn’t shut up. He told her stories after stories and she kept laughing and they had a great time. Brandon and Aubrey come back to her house and sit in her yard. He looks up and sees the Lazy W. Brandon has a story about this constellation and something he wanted to share with her. Brandon turned to her and hugged her.
”Look up” He said.
”Yeah stars...” She said with a smile.
”See the one that looks like a W?”
”Well see the center star? Where it connects the two half’s together. That’s us.” He said with a happy look on his face.
How is that us?” Aubrey asked with a puzzled voice.
”It’s us.” He said. “See how the middle star connects the two halves... well a W wouldn’t be complete without that middle piece connecting them together. It would be incomplete. Well without you I would be incomplete. Our hands connect us and with you being here in my life you complete me.”
They got up and walked to Brandon’s car. They kiss goodbye and off he goes. Later that night on the phone Brandon got a call from Aubrey saying what he told her was very cute. Aubrey right there had just captured what was left of Brandon’s heart.

Everyday that weekend Brandon and Aubrey were together. They Saw another movie and became great friends. Brandon’s feelings got stronger and he wanted to open up more. So he did. Aubrey opened right up with him as well. Neither of them expected this to be the way it was. They both knew that Aubrey was leaving in a week to go back to school. Every day it killed him to think that she won’t be there in person. That Aubrey wouldn’t be here for him to hold.

One night Brandon’s depression hit. Brandon knowing that this is going to be bad he shuts out the world. He lays there and cries. He cries tears that shed away his mask as they fall down his face, revealing who he truly is. A guy with a problem and no help can cure. Love by passes him and all he can do is lay there. Brandon gets to the point where he can’t take the pain and all that has happened and cut his arm. The pain seemed to be lifted like everything was gone. He felt empty. He felt alone.

Aubrey came over to Brandon’s two days before she had to go and they decided to sit down and watch their favorite movie, Forrest Gump. Time passes and the night grows longer as the thought of her leaving sets in on my mind. We talk for a while. She goes to her car to get something but wouldn’t tell me what it was. Aubrey comes back in with a book of some sort. It was a journal for me to write in. With a great hug I gave her a card I made her and a CD. We sit there and just stare for a moment that felt like time had stopped. We look at the clock and it read 12:13am. She gets up to leave because Brandon had to go to school in the morning. He walk her to her car and he look around and it felt so cold out. My bones shivered and my fingers felt numb. Then Brandon fell into her arms and magically he became warm. My heart grew big and my stomach got butterflies. She gets into her car and as she drove away he just stood in a stare. To me this was something that he is going to have to stand up and say goodbye for a while. Will he be able to say goodbye to her?

The day before Aubrey leaves Brandon comes over to her house at night to help her pack and to see her. That day for him was miserable. All during school the thought of saying goodbye to her was getting to him. He wanted to shut out the world and keep her in. They both knew that wasn’t going to happen. Everyone was worried and Brandon just wanted to leave. He has never liked someone this much. In such a small amount of time so many feelings were felt and released. Brandon was so ready to see Aubrey. It seemed like it has been a long time apart even know the agony was worse then what it should have been for only one day apart. Brandon gets to Aubrey’s house and without a doubt she is more beautiful then the moon with the clearest skies and close to earth. They pack things up and it becomes dark so they take a walk.
”Want to see something relaxing?” Aubrey asks me in an excited voice.
Of Course, I said. Thinking to my self that being with her and hearing her voice is calming enough.
They walk to the top of this hill and they just stand there and watch the sky. They see the stars and just sit there in silence.
Aubrey broke the silence with a deep sign then let out something I wouldn’t forget.
”I used to come here when I wanted to be alone and get away from the world. This is now our spot.”
He just looked at her with the biggest smile on my face, hugged her and told her thank you. Brandon and Aubrey went walking back to her house because Brandon had to go. They stand outside his car and stop to look to the sky.
”There we are Aub.” “That is where we will always be, together out there in the sky and together in my heart.”
”I will miss you Brandon, you have gave me a great memory and a great friend.”
Brandon sheds a tear and she kisses it and tells him not to cry because she will always be in his heart. Off he goes. It was 12:13 when they said goodbye, 12:13 when Brandon’s mask was fully shed away.

The author's comments:
i met this girl and i wanted to write a story about how a week of her being in my life felt and was for me

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this is precious


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