Forever And Always

September 27, 2010
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“You have to come down to school!” Katie was screaming on the other end of the phone, and there were a lot of loud voices in the background. I looked at my clock, 12 o’clock.

“Katie, it’s midnight. What could be so important?” Jake moaned on the other side of the room, lifting his head. His face was one big question mark, obviously wondering who was calling so late.

“Just come down. You’ll see. I’l meet you at the front doors.” She hung up before I could object, and I let out a frustrated sigh.

“What was all that about?” Jake had sat up. His voice sounded tired because he had just woken up.

“Come on. Apparently it’s very important that we get to the school.” I got up and threw on a pair of my sweats. I didn’t feel like dirtying a T-shirt, so I just stayed in my tank top. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get the nasty taste out of my mouth.

When I was done in the bathroom, I went back to the living room. Jake had put on his jeans, and was pulling his shirt over his head. There was a piece of paper in his pocket, but I didn’t ask about it. He always has it with him. We grabbed our phones, and headed out the door.

We walked to the school, and enjoyed the fresh air. I was keeping warm by pressing my body against his. He rubbed one hand along my arm, and his other hand was wrapped around mine.

When we reached the school, we saw Katie at the front of the school. She waved her hand, and motioned for us to hurry. We didn’t go any faster, and she became impatient. When we finally reached her, she looked like she was going to burst.

“Come on! A turtle can move faster than you! Ugh!” She dragged us to the front door, and opened it.

“Um, Katie? What are we doing exactly?” She gave us a wicked look, and dragged us inside. In the cafeteria was every senior I could think of.

“This is our senior prank. When the teachers come in the morning, we’re going to scare them.” It was the stupidest idea for a prank I had ever heard, but I played along. Jake and I went to go sit in the library to get away from all the noise. We went to go sit on the couch, and I curled my head against his chest.

“Get some sleep. I’ll wake you up in the morning.” I wasn’t going to fall asleep with him right here. Every second I have with him is precious. If he was staying awake, then so was I. He stroked my hair, and I almost fell asleep. But I forced my eyes to stay open. It was dark in the library, and there was nobody in here besides us.

“This is trespassing on school property!” Jake picked me up and we hid behind the book case. “Every single one of you can go to jail for this!” Something noisy hit a table before the principal continued to speak. “Each and every one of you will sign this before walking out that door and going home!” It became quiet as students signed the sheet.

The doors to the library were knocked open. I gasped, and Jake pressed my head against his chest. “Shhhhh,” he said. A light was shone in our direction, and it quickly moved when it didn’t find us. The police officers left the room, and closed the doors behind them.

We waited until everybody was gone and most of the lights were off. When it was completely silent, we came out of the library. “I’ll be right back. Stay here.” I left to go see if all the cops were gone. Jake knew I was smaller and had a better chance of getting away if I was caught. He silently agreed and sat at one of the tables. I checked around the entire school, and found no one. We were alone.

I went back to the cafeteria and saw Jake, his back facing towards me. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders from the back, and he jumped when I first touched him. In his hands was the paper he always carried around. On it was a picture of a beautiful lady, words surrounding the picture. It was a newspaper clipping.

“She’s my mom. She was killed in a car crash before we moved here. My dad couldn’t stand living in that house anymore and he just wanted to get away from all the sadness.” Tears streamed down his face as he spoke this last sentence. I gently kissed one away.

He stuck the clipping back into his pocket and stood up to face me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me.

“Promise me something,” I said. He was confused, so I continued. “Promise me that we will always be together.”

“I promise. Forever and always, Kelcey. I love you.” He confirmed his promise with a kiss. When the kiss ended, we walked out of the school, hand in hand.

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Robsessed said...
Sept. 30, 2010 at 9:22 pm
I really like this. But I'm confused at the second sentence when Jake said, "Kelsey, it's midnight..." shouldn't it have been Kelcey. I know it's a dream, but why would Jake and Kelcey have been sleeping in the same room?
its_just_me replied...
Oct. 1, 2010 at 8:22 pm
The way I saw it when I woke up was that Me and Jake fell asleep while watching a movie or something. I was confused with that, too. But my mind is working in mysterious ways:)
Robsessed replied...
Oct. 3, 2010 at 8:05 pm
Oh, I didn't even think of that. And I probably confused you with my question. I meant to say  that I was confused at the part where Jake says "Katie, it's midnight..." and somehow I typed Kelsey. LOL
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