September 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Everything I knew was a lie & everything u say was a game.u dont care,so dont start acting like u do now.One of these days ill cut very deep & not say a word to u.ull feel the pain of me in the hospital depending on other pplz blood & an oxygen tank to keep me alive. When r u gonna start to care & take action in it or r u going 2 wait til I am cold and stiff unable 2 say a word cause im dead ? How long r u going 2 wait cause u never know I could die in the next minute,hour,day,week ,month,or year ull never know &i wont wait I care about u I may act like I dont but I do. I would save ur life in anyway u deserve to live .when I see u smile I want to cry tears of joy knowing ur happy even tho im not

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