You Must Understand: Love is Simple

September 20, 2010
he manner in which she spoke gave off an aura of uncertainty, a tragic confusion. Her meager frame consistently shook as she attempted to engage in conversation, though failed. By just the way she moved, the way she made her way across the room, you could tell she had experienced a previous tragedy, a heartbreak per-say. She held within her a sort of desperate sorrow which made me adore her even more. An auburn birds nest sat above her thin head, a mess of sunset curls seems to make her beady eyes bluer. Oh those marbles of true emotion! How the candle light reflected off of her pupil, how there was always a small pool of tear directly above her bottom eyelid. A tiny mouse-like nose lay in the middle of her porcelain face. Her nose seemed to move quite a bit for i could tell she was one of those women who had a nervous tick. Hers was awkwardly wiggling her freckled little nose. Most men would have considered her nervous way of being a bit aggravating. Though, not I, I adored her hidden charm, her lack of grace. And even though I knew almost nothing about this strange, yet lovely woman, i felt as if I'd known her all my life. I attempted to charm her with my gentleman-like gestures. Though she was not the type of woman who enjoyed such graces. She saw through my superficial cover, was not inspired by princely behavior. As she chewed i noticed the speed in which her jaw moved, as if she was in a terrible rush. A large beauty mark mark, right above her left jaw-line, seemed to dance as she ate away. And though this is the first time I'd ever encountered this confused, misunderstood creature, I loved her- so simply. You may find it rather strange that just after one evening with this, this bird-like woman, i have fallen into a deep, passionate love. You have yet to understand how truly simple love is.

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unlike-azazual said...
Sept. 21, 2010 at 8:48 pm
the message it holds is beautiful.....:)
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