When the Day Met the Nigh

September 20, 2010
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When the Moon fell in love with the Sun, all was golden in the sky. All was golden in the sky when the day met the night.
It was the early minutes of dawn. Darkness was leaving its place to light. The Moon just left the sky but the Sun wasn’t in his place yet. The sky was golden in some places it was even pink. A soft breeze past in the air.
The Moon was sitting in a garden, under the green umbrella trees with the Stars. The Moon was thin and small, her pale skin and eyes offered an interesting contrast with her blue black hair. She looked fragile in her long, white day gown. She was tired after a night of guiding humanity through the dark hours of night. She fought back sleep as she listened to the Stars stories.
The Stars are never tired, at least not the young ones. They shine bright at night, excited to look over humanity. In the morning they were just as excited to share what they had witnessed.
Their giggles and the sound of the river behind them was a lullaby to the Moon’s ears. She loved how the low and constant purring of the river was often interrupted by their crystal-like laughter.
The Moon held her eyes closed and let her ears take her as far as possible. The Stars laughter was interrupted by a sharp intake of breath. The Moon’s butterfly-like eyes fluttered as they adapted to the golden light. It was unusual for Dawn to last this long but the color of the sky was so beautiful, she doubted that Earth minded.
The Stars were whispering behind their hands. When the Moon glanced in their direction she realized they were staring at something behind her. She slowly turned, first her body, then her head. Her gaze fell on the Sun. The air left her lungs as if she’ been punch in the stomach.
He had yet to notice them sitting there but the Moon was sure the Stars giggles would soon give them away. She wasn’t hiding from the Sun; she met him a couple of times each year. The Moon took the time to study him. His head hung low as if it would roll of if it hadn’t been tightly secured to his neck; his golden hair fell sloppily over his face shielding him for the universe; is tie hung loosely around his neck and the first three buttons of his dress shirt were opened.
The sun turned left into another path in the enormous garden. Tall trees shaded him from the Moon’s view and her heart sunk. She realized just how much she wanted him to notice her, to come over and let her take all his problems away.
The Moon slowly and gracefully got up from where she sat with the Stars and started down the path that would lead her to the Sun.
Pebbles covered the said path, barely making a sound under her feather-like footsteps. The summer breeze softly blew n her hair making it a dark halo around her pale face.
When the Moon found the Sun, he looked like he was barely hanging on. She put it on the account of being in the middle of summer, his busiest season. Glowing hard for so many hours must have taking its toll on the star. She laid a gentle hand don his shoulder, startling him out of his reverie.
When the Sun turned around his light brown eyes, similar to liquid gold, bored into the Moons ice water ones.
Since the beginning of summer the Sun felt nauseous at the chaos he caused on Earth. Everything looked doomed from where he stood in his pedestal of light. His rising temperature made it hard for anything to survive on Earth. He wanted to explode and end everything now, but the Moon’s eyes saved his life, in the middle of summer.
“You should try taking this frown off your face and place a smile instead” she said with a small smile of her own.
The Sun took the Moons hand in his larger ones. Her coolness and his heat met and created an ideal temperature. His eyes searched hers for the longest time, diving deeply into the bottomless pools. He found kindness in them. He found hope and support.
“So” he said, “Would it be alright if we sat in talked for a little while if, in exchange for you time, I give you this smile?” A wide smile was plastered on his lips as he spoke these words.
The Moon smiled even brighter and raised a hand to his cheek, “ That’ll be okay as long as you promise not to break my little heart and leave me all alone in the summer”.
They sat side by side, feet and the river and talked. The Sun confided in the Moon his guilt about slowly destroying Earth. The Moon’s heart ached when she thought of her beloved planet and her pitiful state. She believed the Sun wasn’t responsible for anything he’d been shining just as hard for so long. The Earth was sick and it wasn’t their fault.
They fell into silence, the Moon looking at the river and the Sun looking at her. It hit him what had happened: he was just hanging around and he fell in love. The Earth was doomed and so was the Moon, but he was in love with her and didn’t know how to get out.

He was just hanging around when he fell in love, in the middle of summer.

The End ?
Destinee Lily Yakira Salomon

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unlike-azazual said...
Sept. 21, 2010 at 8:44 pm

I'm not sure i like the ending... but you started off great i loved the way you used the moon and  the sun....kind of sounds like a myth leading to the distruction of the world.......again it's great...;)


Destinee S. replied...
Sept. 23, 2010 at 1:47 pm
Oh thank you! What do you think is the rpoblem w/ the ending?
unlike-azazual replied...
Sept. 23, 2010 at 5:50 pm
i think you should have put more detail in the ending like you did in the beging...drawn it aout a little more...know what i mean...other thatn that it's great....;)
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