My Devil Dance

September 12, 2010
By explodingcars BRONZE, Dededo, Guam, Other
explodingcars BRONZE, Dededo, Guam, Other
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Inside this demolished club in New York, I make my way through the crowds. The crowds of broken hearts, agonized emotions, poisoned lungs, the kids with the aching feeling in their throats that will never be swallowed. I tumble my way across with the bottle of whisky in my hand. I feel the music’s tempo within me. I watch the lights explode with radiant colors almost as vivid and colorful as a nebula. I watch the cigarette smoke puff out of mouths and watch the instant inhalation of their suffering lungs. I smile to myself for the fact that these kids could care less. Inside this club I dance, I sing, I drink, I watch. Inside this club, I feel infinite.

I refuse to stop dancing even if I am in the verge of throwing up. Dancing is my way to eliminate my problems even if for a minute. That one whole minute I would waste just to escape the serpent wrapped around my neck, the minute to be able to breathe again, away from temptation and evil. If only that minute is infinite. If it was as if you wished you lived off ice cream and freeze tag. The unfortunate wish that was granted years ago, the wish that even no matter how hard you try to relive it, it will never be the same. Everything and everyone will be okay, even just for a minute.

I stop dancing but not because I am exhausted. I stop dancing because my stomach starts to ache. It felt as if a knife was penetrating through my stomach. I ran past the misfits and straight to the stalls of the restroom. Without thinking, I puke into the toilet. I watch the bits of corn and noodles I ate swim around the toilet. I sigh with relief as I stared at the ceiling. My stomachache had subsided. I smile because this is my life. This is the night life of mine, Skyler.

As I was about to flush the toilet and get up, I hear screaming in the club. I arduously stood up as the piercing pain in my stomach returns. I stood motionless for awhile as the howls of the wolves continue to ring through my ears. I stumble my way to the exit to see what was causing the screams. My vision is blurry but I could discern the shattered mirrors and disco balls. The exploding lights are nothing but pure obscurity. The club was as dark as the universe. The darkness was as the night sky without the stars to illuminate it. I am unable to move by such a bizarre occurrence.

I let my eyes readjust to the darkness as I grasp onto a stool to keep my balance. I can hear the silence dance across the stage and the echoes of the screams still ring through my ears. Everyone dashed out of the club before I exited the restroom. I ponder on the thought whether I should run away or stay. The pain in my stomach still remains, my vision is still blurry, and my legs would not carry me as far as I would like it to. I try to remain calm but as each second passes, it feels as if this whole club is devouring me alive. I do not have light to keep me undaunted.

As darkness stood beside me, I catch a glimpse of two specks of red lights just a few steps away. I tighten my grip onto the stool. As I approach the lights slowly, they seem to get farther as I got closer. All of a sudden, a light bulb started to flicker. It illuminated just one spot of the club, the spot where I am standing.

“Stop,” a woman’s voice speaks, “Do not take a step closer.”

I hear the slightest sound of footsteps as if the dead were walking towards me, slithering like a snake. I could feel someone’s presence behind me, sniffing with caution and interest. I freeze from the lick of evil, the touch of the dead collided to my face. I felt warm inside but my hands were icy cold. I am unable to swallow the lump of fear in my throat.

“Skyler, my dear,” a woman speaks, “We have met at last. In the darkness I have followed and observed you. I have fallen deeply in love with you, though you have not met me. I have met you. I am Lily.”

“Lily.” I whisper.

“Yes, my dear Skyler. I am Lily. If I allow myself to show you my real identity, please do not fear me. I have come to accentuate the feelings I have for you. The love I have kept all these years must enter the labyrinth of your heart today.”

“Lily,” I manage to choke out, “You say that if you show your real identity, I must not fear you. Why is that?”

“Skyler, please understand that I am not human. I- I am a devil. I understand that this might be a little difficult to comprehend at this moment but please believe me. I mean no harm.”

I can think of infinite possibilities that this must be a dream of some sort. Hey, I’m drunk, I puked out my lunch, I was dancing my heart out earlier, and now this Lily introduces herself as being a devil. This has to be a dream. No metaphors, no similes. This is a dream.

“If you are a devil then show yourself.” I said but not too enthusiastic of the idea.

“Very well,” Lily said, “I am behind you, Skyler. You may look back any time you wish.”

I close my eyes and inhale a deep breath. I took my time turning back, my eyes still tightly shut, and my head facing the floor. I begin opening my eyes slowly and I see two red feet. I work my eyes up and see her face with red, flaming eyes. I studied her features. She has long, black hair with two small horns sticking out. I watch her small wings flap a little and felt her tail wrap around my leg.

“You’re beautiful,” I said as I take her hand and let it intertwine with my fingers. “Lily, would you care to dance with me?”

Lily smiles as she puts her arms around my shoulders.

“Not without music. Dancing isn’t dancing without music.” Lily said with a smirk.

She snaps her fingers and “Lady in Red” by Chris De Burgh begins to play. I smile because this song was perfect. I put my arms around her waist, and we begin to sway back and forth. I hold her tightly, afraid she would slip through my hands. I did not want this night to end. Her red skin felt perfect against mine. The rhythm of our dance and our heartbeats were in harmony. As we danced, the flickering light bulb shattered and we were greeted by darkness once more.

“This was all I wanted.” Lily whispers.

“And what exactly is that?” I asked.

“To dance in the dark, you and I.” she simply replies.

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EllenP. SILVER said...
on Oct. 8 2010 at 6:16 am
EllenP. SILVER, Dededo, Guam, Other
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Favorite Quote:
not actually a quote but it was said in Degrassi by Johny...
"It may not have been my first time, but it was my first time doing it with someone i like"

some words are so deep, i like it.hahahaha. LOL.

Lubuu said...
on Oct. 8 2010 at 4:39 am
Lubuu, Dededo, Other
0 articles 1 photo 1 comment
Heyy! I love your grammar. You got me inspired (:


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