The scars of my secret part 2

September 11, 2010
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My dad swung me like a rag doll, suddenly I lost grip of the bat and I was soaring through the air or at least that’s what it felt like, until I smashed into the glass window. I fell to the ground my head searing with pain, my arm throbbing covered in shards of glass and blood. I reached my other hand up to feel my head and to no surprise glass was also sticking out of my skull. I was laying on the floor which was becoming red and so was my hair as they were both getting soaked with blood. Black spots speckled my vision but I could still see Josh on his knees, he was talking frantically to the police. My dad ran over to Josh with the bat and before the scene could go any further the black dots became holes that swallowed everything up, then I passed out.

“Is she breathing-”

“Someone bring a stretcher over here!”

“Check his pulse.”

“Blood pressure is…” I could hear faint sounds in the distance but I was still too unconscious to figure out what all the fuss was about. I was slowly drifting out of unconsciousness but I kept my eyes sealed shut. The sudden cold air woke me from my drowsy state and I could feel goose bumps rising on my arms. I turned my head trying to figure out where I was and the movement sent a shock of pain pulsating throughout my entire body. I opened my eyes to see paramedics carrying me on a stretcher one in particular was right by my head looking down at me. I felt something funny covering my mouth and I put my hand to it; it was an oxygen mask. The noise that came from the blaring sirens rang in my ears. “It would be best if you tried not to move honey.” The paramedic above my head said. I tried to acknowledge her but she couldn’t hear me through the mask or over the ear-piercing sirens. With every shake of the stretcher more and more pain throbbed throughout my body. I obeyed the paramedic’s orders and tried not to move, I looked straight up at the dark night sky that was filled with stars. While I was gazing at the stars I was trying to remember what had happened to Josh and how the heck I came out of my house alive. All I could do was look up, it was hard to turn my head and look around when I was strapped down to a stretcher. The dark night sky was suddenly covered up by the silver roof of the ambulance. As I rode in the back of the ambulance to the hospital the paramedic by my head whose name I found out was Rachel kept poking and prodding me with needles and wires. There was circular stickers on the end of each wire that she stuck on my chest, the wires were hooked up to a monitor that monitored my heartbeat. To pass the time I counted all the lights that were shining down at me on the roof of the ambulance. The car jerked to a stop once we were at the hospital; as they hoisted the stretcher with me on it out of the ambulance the sirens kept ringing. I shut my eyes not enjoying one minute of the bumpy ride that lead me to a large room in the hospital. Finally I was un-strapped from the uncomfortable stretcher and carried to a table. Many doctors hovered over me each doing different things; checking my blood pressure, my heart rate, one poked a tube of blood in my right arm and I flinched at the pain. More doctors poked at my tender head and arm both filled with shards of glass; I screamed as they quickly removed most of it. Still suffering through painful touches, needles and pulls on my skin I begged for sleep to take me. I let it take me far away; to a sleep full of fairytales, flowers and love stories.

I woke confused by the bright white walls that surrounded me and the white cotton patient robe that was tied in the back of my neck. I then remembered where I was and why I was here it all hit me like one hard slap in the face. I looked down at myself and noticed that my upper arm was wrapped in white cotton, my head was throbbing but it wasn’t as painful as it was before. “You’re awake.” the voice came from the other side of the room startling me; I looked around and I saw Josh sitting at the edge of the bed next to mine. I looked Josh up and down cautiously looking at how bad he was hurt. To my surprise and relief he wasn’t as bad as I was. Josh didn’t have any needles sticking out of him or wires hooked up to him. He just had a couple of stitches in his knee. “What happened after I… passed out?” I asked him, curiosity filling my head. “I dialed 911 and the police said that they were on there way. That’s right about when you smashed into… the glass window.” Josh told me tensing up a little. “Once I saw you faint I rushed over to you not caring about your dad, I was more concerned about you; I thought you might have been dead Jessica…” he trailed off. I pleaded for him to tell me more, everything, I wanted all the details especially what had happened to my dad. “I was running to you without noticing your dad and he pushed me. I fell onto some glass myself, that’s why I have ten or so stitches in my knee. I heard the sirens and I felt relief but then your dad hit me hard in the head. I fell to the floor and before I passed out I saw the police rush in, hand cuff your dad and take him away.” Tears filled my eyes and spilled over; Josh walked over and laid in the bed beside me, he wasn‘t saying anything jut holding me, letting me cry into his warm neck.

I drifted in and out of sleep tangled up in Josh. We were holding each other closely neither of us wanting to let go but we had to when the doctor stood in the doorway and cleared his throat.

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LilLover5-15 said...
Aug. 17, 2011 at 3:32 pm
You are seriously one of the best writers I've seen on here!!!!! :D
kittypryde said...
Sept. 20, 2010 at 10:12 pm
This is amazing! i've read the first one and then this one and i was blown away! your an amazing writer!
jenx0x3 replied...
Sept. 22, 2010 at 7:32 pm
oh thanx so much i really appreciate ur commet, any ideas or suggestions for wat will happen next?
kittypryde replied...
Oct. 10, 2010 at 3:51 am
Well now that her dad's in jail (hopefully) :), where is she going to live? maybe you can get Josh's fam to take her in for a while. maybe base it more on her trying to recover with a normal family. that help? :)
jenx0x3 replied...
Oct. 13, 2010 at 7:33 pm
ya! thanx so much
kittypryde replied...
Oct. 14, 2010 at 10:16 pm
Your welcome, :) i love writing too. i was looking at the other stories on your profile and i saw you like Kyle XY! you mind reading my story? cause i kind of based it on that. (i only got to see the first episode but i loved it.) p.s. my story is Evangeline Part 1 :D
jenx0x3 replied...
Oct. 16, 2010 at 12:44 pm
i would love 2 read ur story
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