A New Begging

September 11, 2010
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Just as I was about to totally freak out, we heard this sound. It sounded slightly like a church bell but more profound, and had more of a lighter essence than a bell, more like a triangle, or something close to one. That’s when Alex turned to me and said “Dinner’s ready, come on I know my parents have been waiting to meet you” he grabbed my arm and pulled me off the bed and out into the hallway that led into his kitchen and living room. “Hey Mom, Dad. This is Alice.” When I looked into the kitchen I saw the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. She had the same red hair as Alex, she smiled and showed the same dimples as Alex but her eyes were as blue as the Caribbean ocean, “pleased to meet you Alice, we have been waiting for ages to see you again.” She pulled out a chair and sat next to Alex’s father. He had the same green eyes as Alex, but his features were more defined and ridged, probably from working for many hours without sleep. “Nice to meet you” I said as Alex pulled out a chair next to him for me. “well since it seems Alex has forgotten well have to introduce ourselves.” Alex’s father with the same cocky grin as Alex’s. “I’m Harold Fitzpatrick” “and I’m Elizabeth Fitzpatrick.” She chirped in. “so I heard you were being attacked by Gorlaks when Alex found you.” “dad…” Alex groaned as his father continued with his curiosity. “was it your first time seeing one?” “yea, I was lucky to have Alex there to save me, otherwise I don’t know what would have happened.” Alex blushed slightly as I explained this to his father. “well that’s my boy for you!” said Mr. Fitzpatrick with pride filling every word. After we finished dinner, which was surprisingly good considering it’s the first meal in a long time that wasn’t microwavable, Alex asked his parents if he could take me out. We went outside and I was surprised to see 3 cars in the driveway, when we got in the blue mini cooper I asked “so they have cars here too?” and Alex laughed. “Most of the things invented on earth, were invented here first. Almost every celebrity, inventor, or genius came from here first.” “oh” I said but I can’t help thinking back to what he said in his room. Was he serious? Or just a cruel joke? Then we pulled up into the parking lot of a large brick building. The sign outside the door said ‘Sundance Moon library’ Alex came around and opened my door for me which was so gentlemanly of him! Then he took me inside and we went upstairs to sit in a small loft on the third floor. Inside the loft was a few bookcases, a fire place, and a couple loveseats, and couches. Alex sat me down in one of the loveseats by the fire as he went over to a bookshelf and searched. Finally after watching the fire for awhile Alex picked up a book and sat down next to me. The book had an old red fabric cover with golden letters. The title was Birth and Match Records. He flipped through some pages until he found one that said ‘Birth and Match Records for the Year 1995’ then he scanned his fingers down the page until he stopped at my name. “this is what we came here for.” he said grinning “you were wondering whether what I said was true right?” alright now I know he’s a mind reader…. Or I’m just that obvious. “So where’s your name?” I ask scanning the page. He turns back a page to the one for the year 1994. “So wait, you’re a year older than me? Then how’d we get matched up if I wasn’t even born yet?” “Well I was the last boy born and there weren’t any girls left to pair me up. You were the first girl born so they paired me with you” he said getting that cocky grin. So what if were matched up I’m so not going to marry someone I don’t even know, let alone love. “Well? Do you believe me now?” he said with a even more cocky grin. “okay so I believe you with the whole match-thingy, but there’s still something you haven’t told me yet.” “and what is that?” “if this isn’t earth. Then where is it?”

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ImNotAStalker said...
Sept. 29, 2010 at 5:39 pm
im confrused...............................
AwesomeAley replied...
Nov. 13, 2010 at 9:48 am
well it's the 5th chapter to understand you'd have to read the rest
ImNotCrazy replied...
Nov. 13, 2010 at 11:01 am

i changed mi name 2 im not crazy

and i read 1 2 3 and 4

AwesomeAley replied...
Nov. 14, 2010 at 11:43 am
well then maybe you'll understand when i post the next chapter
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