Best Friends CHAPTER 3 (I Meet God)

September 11, 2010
By FaithInWriting SILVER, Port St Lucie, Florida
FaithInWriting SILVER, Port St Lucie, Florida
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I remember once when I was in Chem class this guy was being a total perv. He was getting to close for comfort, putting his arm around me and said things that made me extremely uncomfortable. I kept brushing his arms off of me trying not to make a fool out of him. To bad he was already an idiot. He wasn’t ugly…He was just a huge jerk. He probably had AIDS. I’m a virgin and I will be till marriage. I don’t want an S**. Do you? Anyway he was asking me out or something. I kept telling him no and started making up lame excuses. Praying for class to start. Where is the stupid teacher when you need her?! Anyway for fifteen minutes I listened to Mitch blabber on and on why I should date him. It seemed like ages. Then Mitch decided to get really close and went to whisper in my ear…just as Greyson entered the classroom…Hi eyes snapped open. His hands balled into fists. He didn’t look happy. Maybe it was because I looked worried, or the fact that I was being enveloped by the AIDS guy. I’m not really sure. After a few seconds of Greyson staring at me I gave him a weak smile. I had never really seen him mad…But I knew for a fact that he was upset. He sped over to Mitch, his eyes blazed, Greyson snatched Mitch up by the collar of his shirt. Mitch jumped with fear. His eyes locked on the floor.

“LOOK AT ME!” Greyson yelled bringing Mitch closer to his face. “If I EVER see you near her like that again I’m gunna beat the SH-”

“Take your seats students!” Ms.Dela boomed as she shut the classroom door.

“Get out of my seat.” Greyson said behind gritted teeth as he tossed Mitch aside. Mitch scurried back to his seat still trembling. I was shocked. Next to me sat this power house of bottled up anger. I side of him I had never seen. It was amazing to see him like this. Mitch wouldn’t look at me again after that day. He would avoid me in the halls and wouldn’t sit even two seats next to me. Well I guess I owe Greyson for another thing. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be able to pay him back. For the rest of sophomore and junior year everyone knew Greyson as my body guard. He was 5’11 so he was pretty tall…especially when I was 5’2. He would always tell me I was so short. But in actuality he was just really tall.

In my senior year my life changed drastically. I met a girl named Jessie and she became my best friend. We were polar opposites but it was ok. We got along great. So many inside jokes and good times. She would always talk to me about Jesus but I always blocked her out. She was always telling me how He loved me and wanted me to be apart of His family. I would always ask her why God would want me to be apart of His family. I lied all the time, stole a few times in my life, hated people, and other uncountable sins that this “god” hated. Jessie would always smile at me and tell me that He wants me to come to Him and give Him all my worries and cares. That he wanted to be the “ultimate dad” I didn’t really get it. But Jessie always seemed so happy. She would say “I’m not happy. I’m joyful. There’s a difference” I never got the difference. Until I went to youth group. The reverend or pastor or whatever taught on how “joy was for a believer in God. Joy is being happy despite your circumstances.” So the difference was happiness was only for a second and joy was the way you looked at things. I wanted that joy. I wanted to just be at peace and to enjoy life. I felt like I was just being dragged through life. I felt like God hated me. Especially when my parents got divorced, and then when my dad died. I was bitter and angry all the time. I asked if God is such a good god why would he let me go through such pain. Jessie told me “He was making you stronger, but softening you to come to Him. People are prideful and ignorant when everything is going good in life. God wanted to bring you to Him because He loves you. Just like a daddy.” Well I couldn’t take it after that. I burst into tears (which I swore I would never do after my dad died.). I melted into my best friend’s arms. I asked her how I could get God to be my dad. And she said that I would have to listen to His rules and obey Him just like I did with my dad. She said that I had to ask Him to be in my life and to save me from my evil ways. I told her that I’m not perfect and that I mess up to much. She just smiled at me and said “He knows. That’s why He wants you to be His daughter so that you can go to Heaven and He can make you perfect.”… More tears. That night I was adopted by my Heavenly Father… And it was the best decision I could have ever made. I achieved my joy and peace that I had longed for since elementary school. I smiled as I slept that night.

The author's comments:
I really love romance and I really love God... So why not mix them together?! I hope you enjoy =D

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