death by love

September 14, 2010
By Anonymous

She waited impatiently on the stairs peering through the window of her front door. Her date was 58 minutes late, and her make up was starting to smudge. Her slimming black polka dotted dress showed a sense of a playful girl with dancing eyes, but her pearl necklace gave her a look of maturity. Jon, her stepdad and mother had gone out on a date and warned her about her 11o' clock curfew countless times before rushing out the door for their dinner reservation. But now, Julie was starting to think she wouldnt have to worry about that rule tonight. Tears filled her meloncholy eyes as she toyed with the necklace of pearls she'd picked out for the date days before. She finally gave up and stomped up the stairs to change. Just as she did, A loud rapping on the door startled her. She looked out the window to find a police officer standing outside. She opened the door as her heart skipped a beat and she jumbled through why he might be standing at the door. "m'am I'm sorry for interrupting your evening but i was wondering if you knew this man?" Emotions spilled out in front her not quite sure which she should use, "y-yes officer, thats blake honors. He was supposed to pick me up for a date nearly an hour ago." The officer's gaze dropped downward as he search for the right words to say it. "h-he's dead, he crashed his car downtown, alcohol on his breath and and your address on his lap." Julie stood staring off, petrified by his words. Nothing could change the terrible truth. The love for Julie Anderson had killed a boy.

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