Best Friends CHAPTER 2 (Friends in love?)

September 9, 2010
By FaithInWriting SILVER, Port St Lucie, Florida
FaithInWriting SILVER, Port St Lucie, Florida
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Greyson was just a cute little brown hair blue eyed boy in the 7th grade. Unfortunately for me I was short, shrimpy, and kinda hard to look at. But that didn’t matter much when you’re being tossed from one house to another. By the 7th grade my parents had been divorced for almost three and a half years. It felt like they were together a week before and suddenly departed from each other. I used to dream about our happy family and how we had fun and laughed together. Or maybe that was all just an illusion. One bright day I was at school and got horrible news. My dad died of a heart attack. I was at the front desk when my mom told me. Slow salty hot tears blazed down my face. But what did my mother look like? Like she was going on a perfect picnic to match the perfect day. I was furious. It felt like her eye couldn’t produce one single tear. Like she was happy he died. Bitterness and anger surged along with sadness and overwhelming despair. Waves of crazed emotion knocked me around. I was drowning. Until I felt two warm arms rap around me, and I couldn’t help but hid my face in who I had always hid in. Greyson, he was standing there the whole time waiting for me. Just in case I needed him. Which I did, I always did. I assume my mom was wearing a stupid expression like she always did. Since she started dating Richard (her new boyfriend…emphasis on NEW) she became a fake and shallow person. She wasn’t a mom. She was just another lady that I happened to live with. “Do you wanna come home with me and just hang out at home with me and Rich?” My mom whispered to me. I didn’t answer. Finally after about five minutes Greyson asked me the same question as my mother. And I quietly whispered to him my answer. No. The last thing I wanted was to go home with my stranger mother and her jerk-boyfriend. So my mom left and went back to class puffy-eyed and red nosed. But it didn’t matter. Not as long as I had Greyson. The day passed by in a blur I didn’t eat but I didn’t listen in class either. I felt like I was gunna go back to my dad’s house next weekend. I just couldn’t believe my lovable dad was gone. If there was a God, He hated me. But at least I had Greyson. God hadn’t taken him yet. I hoped He wouldn’t. For the next few months everything was a blur I went from an “A” student to a “D” student. I was in denial and I didn’t care about anything. I had no one. Not my mother, not my father, and no siblings. Greyson was my family and I always felt like I had to repay him for all of his “counseling” that he did. But he would always smile and just hug me and tell me I’m worth all of his time. I never believed him but I enjoyed being his friend. After almost a whole year I finally started making new friends in class, bringing my grades up, and got a job my ninth grade year. I wasn’t as dorky as I used to be. I was actually quite pretty. Although Greyson was helpful we grew apart. About an arms length, we weren’t attached at the hip anymore. He was the typical popular handsome jock that was arrogant and obnoxious. I didn’t mind him though. We hung out a little bit after school but between all of his girlfriends and sports he really didn’t have time for me. And I really didn’t have time for him…I mean I had homework and chores and…stuff… His girlfriends didn’t want me around either. Every single one hated me. I never liked them either…toads… Anyway he always stuck up for me when people picked on me or helped me with my homework. Why is he good at everything?!

Eventually after sophomore year he gave up his snotty girlfriend and cut back on his jerkish guy friends that were mean to me and we were together all the time. We went out to lunch and saw movies together. It was great! We would have a lot of people say “Aw you guys are such a cute couple.” And of course Greyson would put his arm around me and say “Aw thanks aren’t we?” And smile really wide and awkwardly. So weird. Then he would let go of me and walk on as if nothing happened. But my heart would race and go crazy when he acknowledged the thought of us being “together”. But that would be weird. Very weird…But, I’ve never felt like this about anyone before…Why does my heart flutter when he smiles at me, or cracks a lame joke, or when he just looked at me. Why did I only feel safe when he hugged me?

The author's comments:
I love cute k-dramas. This is actually inspired by Stairway To Heaven (a korean drama) and by my a couple of my friends who went through their parents divorces. It's also for God. I hope He smiles on my work. If He does that's all that matters. Please look for the THIRD CHAPTER! =] Enjoy

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