I Climb, I Slip

September 7, 2010
By Hannah Church SILVER, Saint Louis, Missouri
Hannah Church SILVER, Saint Louis, Missouri
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I climb, I slip. Fall reaching for your hands. I try to find you but I lay here alone in the darkness. I call out, expecting to hear the sweet serenade of your voice. But I can’t comprehend anything over the drumming of the heart that lay within my chest. This isn’t me, this isn’t who I am but who I’ve become. I run. I can’t ignore the feeling that’s building inside of me. This feeling is all too familiar; fear. I’m afraid of the monster I have inherited. I’m afraid of the demons that haunt my soul. I’m afraid of never being able to escape. I hear something. Could it be you? Or is it another demon demanding my soul for my addiction? I see a light. Do I keep going towards it or do I see who is pursuing me? My decision is made as Darkness engulfs and I’m dragged back into the penetrating black space. The air thins. I’m spaciously conscious. I’m suffocating. I look up. You’re in the light. The radiance of your skin is blinding, but I can’t help but look. You’re beautiful, irresistible. You’re luminescent glow overfills my eyes and overpowers the demon. You take my hand and we walk out into the world.

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