Summer Time

September 6, 2010
By kakeable BRONZE, Gallatin Gateway, Montana
kakeable BRONZE, Gallatin Gateway, Montana
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If we are always focused on the moment then we lose focus on the future, but if we're so focused on the future we lose the moment.

Then it happened the moment I had been dreaming about entire life. There was one problem I couldn’t stop thinking about him. A tear slid down my face.
Before I get ahead of myself my name is Charlotte Raine Blakelee; most people call me Charlie or Charlotte. I don’t get called Charlotte Raine Blakelee unless I’m really in trouble or when my friends want my attention, or annoy me. I am going to be a junior in some crappy high school in Big Sky, Montana. I was the third year of the high school, my third year in high school. Another thing about me is that I get in trouble for speaking my mind, or mouthing off.

It was summer finally. I had waited for this all year, just like any other kid in school. I was so excited this was my year, nothing was going to get in my way, I was determined.
Snapping me out of my thoughts I heard Nate yell my name. Nate was probably my closest and longest lasting friend. He was more like a brother to me, but there was always the past of our childhood love looming over head. Suddenly I hit the ground, hard. I knew what happened but I just lay there on the ground and wait for the weight of Nate’s body get off of mine.
“Hey, a**hole get off of me.” I shouted a little louder then I should have. I had a really bad mouth.
“You know you love it, lil’ sis.” He said knowing it would bother me. “You missed me while I was gone, and I know it.”
“Your right, I really missed your big butt leaving in imprint in my back, although you were only gone two days.” I said jerking my body trying to throw him off. He just bounced harder on my body.

I really did miss him; he was pretty much my world. He came to me for anything, and I knew I could to the same I just choose not to at times. It hurt him sometimes that I didn’t tell him everything, but I was working on it. It was hard, because he and my best friend were dating. So we were both really careful on when certain stuff was said and who heard it. Sierra, my best friend, wasn’t allowed to hear certain stuff, which made me feel bad, but it had to happen.

The author's comments:
Its just one page, its the start of one of my stories if you like please let me know.

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