Never Say Never

September 6, 2010
By Anonymous

He was the popular and cute boy in school, and I was just the “new” girl from Florida. I never thought he would even look at me.

I moved to the smallest town I had ever seen the last two weeks of my freshmen year in high school. Almost every guy at the school knew me, just because I was fresh meat and they thought I “looked good.” That’s all they cared about…whether a girl looked good or not. It hit me by surprise as I wandered around lost on my first day of school of how many girls were pregnant. A whole season of “Sixteen and Pregnant” could have been made just from this tiny town. I wasn’t looking for someone to date. Boys here scared me. It was all so different to me. Completely new faces everywhere I turned. Those last two weeks passed by faster than I could imagine. Next thing I knew, my sophomore year was right in front of me. I had English class with him. His name was Nicholas. He was one of the cutest boys I had every seen.

“He’s off limits,” I thought to myself a million times a day.

I never said anything, but he would. I had never been the kind of girl that didn’t stand out. I was 5’2”, nice slim figure, long dark hair always with a crazy color in it, and a very nice sense of fashion for clothes and hair alike. I was also a pretty outgoing and happy person. It was rare to catch me without a smile on my face.

Girls hated me, although I never understood why. I had always felt left out there because so many girls hated me for no reason. Rumor had it that it was just because they were jealous, but I thought it was because I never paid any attention to them. Ignoring people is the best solution there is. I kind of belonged to all three of the main categories at school, the popular people, the middle/careless people, and the losers. I was a little of all. I didn’t look like a nerd, but I was.

Him in the other hand, he was the guy you could easily fall in love with just by looking at him. Good looks, smooth talker, tall, smart, popular, everything about him was perfect…or almost perfect. He was known as a player, just by appearances. I personally had never seen him flirt with any girls, except me.

He had told me once that I wasn’t and would never be his type, that I was too “perky” for him, whatever he meant by that. But the compliments he started giving me later on that year proved otherwise. The quote “never say never” was proved to be right by him. Our sophomore year ended with a lot of loose ends between us. We had started a spark inside each other that would only become bigger and bigger as time went by. Summer flew by and our junior year came just as quickly. I didn’t even have enough time to get rid of those feelings that I had for him.

We didn’t have any classes together but we found different ways of talking. It started with things as simple as MySpace, then it moved on to having lunch together. Later, it became texting and video chatting when we weren’t in school. We were in touch 24/7. I had no doubts that I had really strong feelings for him. I knew inside of me that he was the one for me.

My friends didn’t agree when they found out about this, but in the end, it was my choice- not theirs.

It was about 12 midnight when the conversation that happened so often in my dreams, finally came true.

“Linda, I have something to ask you.” He said in that mysterious tone of his that always drove me crazy.

Me- “Go for it. I’m all ears.”

Him- “What would you say if I told you I liked you?”

“I would say that I thought I wasn’t your type?” I started to giggle.

Him- “You’re everybody’s type. You’re gorgeous.”

“Nicholas, I bet you say that to the million other girls that like you.”

Him- “Nope, just to the girl I really care about.”

“Whatever. Sure I do,” I said in a playful tone.

Him- “I’m serious. You’re the one and only.”

Me- “Are you sure about that?”

“More than a million percent sure of that.” He said it so strongly, that I quickly believed it with no doubt.

At school all I got was angry stares from girls as I walked down the hallway happier than ever holding his hand and laughing together. It was like nothing else existed. I loved the angry stares, I loved that girls were mad because I had something they wanted. I loved all of the angry attention. But most of all, I loved HIM.

Our senior year finally came and we were still madly in love. We felt like nothing could break us.

College came and everyone expected us to break up. Little did they know that we had been admitted to the same college. It was hard to keep up with everything, but we managed. Four years of college and it seemed like it was just yesterday that he had asked me out. But today, we were engaged and ready to make the commitment of being together for the rest of our lives. My whole life seemed so perfect.

Our wedding seemed like a complete dream.

“Do you, Linda Allens, take Nicholas Gomez as your husband?”

“I do!”

“Do you, Nicholas Gomez, take Linda Allens, as your wife?”

Him- “I do.”

Me- “Are you sure about that?”

“More than a million percent sure of that.” He said this with a shine in his eyes and with the happiest expression I had ever seen on anyone.

I was in my first year of teaching high school science. I had not been feeling well for some days already so I decided to make an appointment to go see the doctor. That afternoon the doctor gave me the best news of my life, but that same day I also got the worst news of my life.

I was sitting in the kitchen table with dinner set up and ready waiting for Nicholas to get home. I was so excited to tell him my news and caught up deep in my thoughts when all of a sudden, I heard a loud knock on the door. I quickly stood up as I felt my heart skip a beat. I was starting to feel a bit queasy.

When I opened the door, the excited smile on my face quickly vanished when I saw who was standing there.

“Are you Mrs. Gomez?” Asked a very tall cop with a heavy voice.

“Yes, yes I am. How may I help you?” I said sounding a little unsure of whether I really wanted to hear his response.

“We just came by to inform you that there’s been a terrible accident just down the street from here.”

He didn’t have to say more. I immediately dropped to the floor, as if my soul had just been ripped out form inside me, and began to cry.

Never would I see the smile that brightened every single day of my life for the last 9 years. And never was I going to get to tell him my wonderful news. And never was he going to get to meet his blood, his baby.

The author's comments:
Some of this is true, but it's not that far in the future yet.

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this is awesome! sad ending though but it is still great!!

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