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September 4, 2010
He is complicated
I understand a little more when we're together
All alone that is
That's when it all changes
His smiles become sweet and caring
His jokes don't involve ridiculous aspects
And his hugs warm me up little by little
That's when his lips are soft and call me in

Asleep I can see the most
His features are calm and his long lashes keep his eyes shut
He seems content and at peace

Meanwhile there are those times
Times when his jokes and comments are painful
When I'm just a prize to touch around and be thrown away

I forgive him
I always do, and I will
I will keep taking more in until the moment comes and he makes the mistake
When it all would break to crumbs and there would only be tears left behind

Number two is strong and has surpassed much pain
Understanding he doesn't mean it and him apologizing makes it all better
I don't give up because I know it can be worth it
I don't love him, at least I'm sure of that.
I care about him and that's how it all starts

We are both afraid of love but we are hanging there
Youth is beautiful but so very problematic
High school is amazing but overly dramatic
Number Two is different and issued, but capable of great love that he doesn't even understand of
It's just a matter of time for things to fall into place
I'm just hanging there waiting to see when that time is
And I stay unsure of why I keep waiting
I just know it's the right thing to do
It seems worth it right now

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