Distance Memory

August 26, 2010
By _Becky BRONZE, Laurel, Maryland
_Becky BRONZE, Laurel, Maryland
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An agonizing pain she felt. A life she loved but couldn’t understand why she felt so down. With friend’s she’s fine, at home she cries. She thinks this as she looks in the mirror, at her beautiful face and her big sad eyes. It hurts so much sometimes she thinks she’s going crazy. She has a lot of time to think. She needed him. He was her savior. But he didn’t exist anymore. A love once so strong was turned into a heart break. She had dreams, just like everyone else. She still had the photograph. She saw the smile on her face, her big brown eyes smiling. She griped the photo; she could still smell his sent. She could still feel the way her head felt rested on his shoulder. She could still feel the way her hand felt his. She remembered how they met. She was in class and remembered his bright green eyes staring at her with passion. She remembered how she wanted to stare back so badly but couldn’t. One day they actually talked. She remembered she was outside of the school waiting by herself. Everyone was long gone to home as she sat and waited to get picked up.

“It’s a little cold out here to be waiting. Isn’t it?” His deep voice spoke to me
She remembered her being faced the other direction. But she just somehow knew it was him. As she slowly turned around she spoke.

“I-I guess. The school isn’t really nice about students staying after hours in the building.”

“Oh. That’s too bad. But your freezing.” He responded

She remembered as after that they had become such good friends. At homecoming they kissed. Then they feel in love. But with being so passionate in love came complications. After all she was only fourteen at the time. They were young, did stupid things. Like once they went with his band mates to New York to play, one of the members obviously being sixteen. But his friends got caught doing drugs, leaving them stranded in New York. They we’re fifteen. He had his permit. They drove home, but the police came and caught them. She remembered her parent’s reaction. She hated them hating her. They got convinced he was a bad influence. So for a month she wasn’t allowed to see him. Once that month was over their relationship was different. It seemed more distant. The kisses tasted different. They tasted dirty not magical.

One day she was hurt the most. He said his last words and they we’re over. She became lonely, her friends only making her sadder. Sooner or later she saw him with a blonde girl. She was beautiful, she was lucky.

Still holding the photo as tear rolled down her face. She knew her friend’s couldn’t help. Not family, no one could. She was hopeless. So she sang. She wrote hundreds of songs and finally wrote the right one to sing. She needed to sing out for help. So she sang. At a local teen club that was holding a contest. She was so nervous her palms sweating as she grasped her guitar. She finally heard her name as her heart skipped a beat. But she went up there. She sat down on the stool as everyone was quietly staring at her. She was nervous but she stopped as soon as she started playing. She sang her heart out and finally she stopped. Her song was finished and she opened her eyes. Looked back into the far end of the club only to see him, he was smiling, And was clapping. Everyone joined in. She smiled. For once it was a satisfied smile. He came up to her and gave her a big kiss. This kiss was real. It was the piece that was missing. It felt real. He offered to drive her home. She was laughing, smiling, and with that her life was complete. But it soon turned to sorrow. They went over something slippery spun out of control and crashed. And there she was, dead. But she was smiling. She was holding his hand as he died. They we’re found dead together. She knew this was the way to end it. Even though she was only sixteen, her birthday next week, she felt different. She felt real. And that was a distant memory. She became a distant memory to her loved ones. They realized she was misunderstood and needed him. They realized they were meant to be together, even if it had its issues. It was love. And that was all they needed.

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on Sep. 12 2010 at 7:07 pm
MaddieWo PLATINUM, Marstons Mills, Massachusetts
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"If I'd a knowed more, I would a loved more." -Pilate Dead, Song of Solomon

Really great storyline. :)

But when they died it was pretty sudden and it doesn't really fit.. It might be lack of description leading up to it, I mean you described her singing so well then moved onto the two of them dying without a transition.

Otherwise, bravo :D

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