August 24, 2010
By Amaria GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
Amaria GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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Seeing and walking by Andy was the greatest thing that could have happened. He was walking next to me, to school! Andy was a popular person who was also very rich. I on the other hand was the daughter of a poor person who lived off by working for and living with the Andrew family. Andy M. Andrew was their only son and he was the most honest and respectful person I had ever met. Everyone thought that I was lucky for living with him and than there were the girls who hated me for it; okay only three girls thought I was lucky the rest hated my guts. But that didn’t matter what did matter was that he was my friend and the guy I secretly had a crush on.
“Andy! You’re back!” I looked to my left and saw Tania; Andy’s soon to be girlfriend. She had brown hair and some highlights of blond hair. She was white as sheets but not as pale as Andy, Jamie, or me, we were all pale but Andy was the palest. She was the worst person I had met. She hated me so d**n much, she hated that Andy got along with me more than with her. She wanted Andy for herself and she would do what ever it took to get him. She took her eyes off of Andy and glared at me. I wasn’t afraid of her.
“Yeah, I got back last night.” Andy looked indifferent; his dark brown eyes didn’t twinkle like a boy in love should. I probably was imagining things again.
“What are you doing standing next to my fiancée?” She was defiantly mad and glaring at me.
“Tally calm down. I was the one who asked her to come with me.” Andy was defending me from Tania! I was so happy!
“What?! And now you’re defending her?!”
“Yes, I am. Just leave her alone! Oh and stop telling people we are engaged!” he grabbed my hand and pulled me away from her. Once we got to the school we were surrounded by kids everywhere. Still he didn’t let go of my hand. Everyone stared at me, but didn’t say anything until he was gone.
“So you think he’s yours or what? You know he doesn’t like you at all. He just pity’s you! Ha-ha…” she was laughing so hard that she made me so d**n angry! She had no d**n right to tell me that!
“No! He doesn’t pity me he’s just a friend. I don’t like him one bit. He’s just like any other guy in this world and he has Tania. So if you want to complain, complain to her not to me. Just leave me alone.” I walked away. They didn’t know what to say or to whom to say it too anymore. I glared at Jamie Rozz; he was my friend but he was laughing hard. I hated the fact that he made fun of me. Jamie and Andy were the only people who talked to me and hang out with me. They were the best even though they were annoying sometimes.
“So I hear Andy is back.”
“Yes, he is.” I was so mad at this point that I didn’t mind if I hit Jamie. See I’m the type of person who doesn’t like violence. I hated anything that had to do with violence.
“Can I come over today?” why was he asking me? He never asked me before.
“I don’t know. Ask Andy he’s the owner of the house not me.” I started to walk. Jamie just followed. Having all the same classes as your friends was cool. Or so everyone thought that. But the truth is that having your friends with you all day long changes your friendship, either for good or for bad. You never know what to talk about and they always ask for help even though you need help as well. My friendship with Jamie was hitting down below. I’ve known Jamie since I was four years old and we had our birthdays really close to each other, so we became friends right away. But our friendship was hitting the ground, which I didn’t want to happen. Andy and I had almost every class together but there was a problem to this situation, Tania was with us all the time and she’s on my case. She won’t let me be anywhere near Andy. Which really p***ed me off, but than there were the days that I had him as my partner in classwork and she couldn’t do anything about it.
I could see that once again Tania took my seat. I walked over to her. She looked up and right away knew that if she didn’t move she was going to have a scene. She got up and went to her seat.
“Hey.” I looked over and saw that Andy was in his seat already, and he was saying hey to me.
“Hey.” I looked to my left and saw that Jamie was also at his seat; smiling like always. His black hair was so silky and straight. What I would give to have his hair, my hair was black with a little of brown highlights.
“Andy how you been buddy? Anything happen…my love? Can I come over today?” Jamie was always so full of himself since he was one of Andy’s best friend. But he also made fun of Andy.
“James. Just stop being cocky and we can do anything you want. I have nothing else to do today anyway.” He always hated how Jamie acted all girly.-just so you know Jamie isn’t gay. He just acts like that since he loves fooling with Andy. - Anyway I was glad that they were going to have fun at least for today.
“Of course you are to come also Casey.” I glanced side ways to Andy. He was always including me in his plans. I was glad that he was at least my friend.
“I…” I was cut off by the teacher.
“Casey. They need you in the office.” Why would I be needed in the office? I left my stuff and went to the office.
As soon as I got inside the office everyone got supper quiet. Why would they get so quiet?
“Do you need me?”
“Casey, I need to tell you something.” I glanced back at the door where Andy’s dad was standing.
“You should sit down.” Why did he want me to sit down? I sat in the last open chair. Everyone was quiet and that’s when I realized I was scared of knowing why I was here.
“Casey your mom died.” I was super quiet. My mind went blank and than I realized that I wasn’t quiet at all. I was shouting at the top of my lungs.
“Stop joking around! My mom can’t be dead! Mom! Mom! Se’s not dead!” tears were streaming down my eyes. I was yelling so loud that I could hear everyone asking who was screaming outside the hall. I so wasn’t waiting to hear these words.
“How could she have died?! She was in perfect health!! Tell me how?! How?!?!” I was growing hysterical every second. How could they tell me this?! And now?! Right on the day that Andy came back!
“Casey calm down. She had cancer. She didn’t tell you so that you wouldn’t worry about it. We knew and we wanted to tell you but she didn’t want you to know that she was dying every second of the day.”
“So you knew?! You should have told me!! I don’t care how much money I needed to pay I would’ve found a way to pay and make sure she could’ve lived! But no you had to let her die! Mom!!” how could Andy’s parents do this to me?! They knew that my mom was the only thing I had in this world! My tears couldn’t be enough for what I was feeling right at this moment! I wanted this to be a joke that they were playing on me! I wanted to go home and find my mom there cooking some of her delicious food. I wanted her to be there when I got home!
“Mom! Mommy!” I needed my mom so badly! How could this have happened?!
“Casey you are to come with me right now. Go get your stuff and try not to cry so much.” Sure whatever he said. I walked over to my class and when I got inside everyone got supper quiet just like in the office. I walked over to my desk and retrieved all of my stuff. This morning I had been happy that Andy had been walking with me but now…my life was ruined!
“Casey?” I could feel the tears on my cheek. I couldn’t not cry. I was about to run away when Andy and Jamie grabbed my hands.
“Casey. What’s going on?” Andy and Jamie asked at the same time.
“My…m…mom…di….died!” more tears were coming down my eyes. Why?!
“Casey, I’m so sorry. Ha-ha…yeah right you’re just faking. You’re mom’s not dead cause she’s like you…a b***h! She couldn’t have died, because like you she’s a b***h and b***hes don’t die!” Tania was causing me more pain. I couldn’t hold myself anymore and launched myself at her. I punched the h*** out of her. I didn’t want to stop and I didn’t have to! She deserved this and much more! How dare she say that about my mom?! I could clearly see the blood on my hand. But I didn’t stop. I wanted her to suffer!
“Casey!” Andy was screaming my name. I glanced down and saw that Tania was crying in agony. I got up, Andy grabbed my hand and Jamie had my stuff. All three of us got out of the classroom and walked toward the office. Once we were inside the office everyone stared at us. Andy’s dad came over to me and asked me the questions; the ones that nobody had the guts to ask.
“What happened?! Casey why are you covered in blood?!” I didn’t say anything. Silence was good for me. It was the only company I had. My mom had died and I didn’t even know my father. So now I had nobody in this world. I didn’t care if I died.
“Dad, don’t ask her questions. Look Tania said some bad stuff about her mom; she even laughed in Casey’s face and told her that her mom wasn’t dead. That b***hes couldn’t die. So Casey sort of jumped on her and hit her. I don’t think Casey has realized what she did. Dad she’s in shock!”
“I know Andy. I wish I could help her but I can’t and you better get back to class.”
“No. dad I’m going with Casey and so is James. She needs us and we won’t leave her alone. Not right now.”
“That’s right Mr. Andrew. Andy and I are the only ones who Casey needs right now. She’s our best friend and right now we need to be with her. She needs us.” How did they know that I needed them? I glanced back at the door and saw the one girl who I could kill right about now. I was going to her when a hand was on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Andy shaking his head at me. I was about to push him away but he grabbed me hard and hugged me. I was pressed against his body that even I calmed down. The nurse made her way to Tania and I could see that Tania looked at me with anger in her light brown eyes but she said nothing because she was scared of me as well. I wasn’t one of her people who were scared of her. I hated her and that made me not care about her and to not to be scared of her. I glanced over at her once and she flinched. I held on to Andy. I knew that if I let go of him I would fall and never get up again.
“All right. You two are allowed to come with us. Shear make sure to excuse them for the rest of the day. Thanks everyone.” Andy held me and we walked out holding on to each other.
Once we got to the mansion I saw that Mr. Andrew wasn’t lying. Flowers were everywhere and a coffin was being carried inside. A lot of tears came down my cheeks. A big part of me was still hoping she was alive, and that part was dying right now that I knew that my mom had really died. Jamie grabbed my hand and squeezed it. I looked at his eyes and saw tears on them as well. He was crying! Just like me, he was sharing my pain. He was my best friend. He cared for my mom a lot. He was like my brother. He didn’t have a mom anymore either, only a dad. A dad who got married to another woman, my mom was dead now and now Jamie and I were the same. We both didn’t have our mom with us. But at least he had his dad with him. I on the other hand had nobody. Nobody! My whole life was with my mom and now? Now what?! How can I keep going?! Jamie was looking at me with sadness in his beautiful eyes. He was my best friend and my (not real) brother. What was I going to do??

The author's comments:
this is not completely done chapters are to come
this is my second piece of work i hope you enjoy!

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