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August 28, 2010
By notebynote BRONZE, Hightstown, New Jersey
notebynote BRONZE, Hightstown, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.

Hey, are you new? I guess you are, the teacher is making you introduce yourself to the class. History really isn’t my subject but it’s great that you love it. I love English mostly. Oh, you do too! First thing we have in common, is it wrong if I’m already making a list in my head? Let’s get to know each other.

You sit down directly across from me.

Why haven’t I seen you before? Someone like you should be noticed by everyone. You’re goofy, but it’s cute. Nice smile, always big like you are laughing, and white. White, white teeth. I think I just got lost in your eyes. Blue, deep as the ocean. I feel like I’m swimming, no drowning, in heaven.

Mike. I had thought that name was average, but you’re not average, no not even close. You’re more than that, I can tell. My head is spinning and I feel like I am on a merry go round, round and round and round. I’m holding onto the railing so I won’t fly off. The clouds in the sky move quickly past, dizzy, dazed, whirling.

“Elizabeth” I hear my teacher’s voice, it starts slowing down and I put my foot on the ground, “Um, I, yeah-here” I try to walk but start to stagger; I’m falling down, way down, hurdling into darkness. I reach out my hands, but pull them back. I want this.
I’m falling for you, will you be there to catch me?

For the first time I’m wishing for class to last forever. Your eyes. I don’t want to stop swimming, so, so blue. I want to get lost in them, reach the point of no return.

S***. You’re looking back at me, staring. You’re probably wondering, what a freak. I pretend I was looking at something out the window.

I’m shy. I know it, as does everyone, but it doesn’t mean I like admitting it. I don’t want you to know me like that so I play it off like I’m Blair Waldorf, confident and popular. But who am I kidding, you’ll probably see right through me.

The bell rings, I pack up and wait outside the door. Am I really going to do this?

“Hey” I manage to squeak out, you leave me at a loss for words. You give a friendly grin, it makes me breathless. “Hi” you hold out your hand, “I’m Mike”

I can’t believe I get to touch you.

I shake your hand and let go, still feeling the warmness of your skin against mine. “Nice to meet you, I’m Elizabeth” I try and smile, but I’m sure it looks half-assed. So much for first impressions.

Your blonde hair falls over your eyes and you brush it away. Mind if I meet you again? I liked your hand holding mine.

“Cool. Maybe we’ll have more classes together” you say and it makes me happy. Are you hoping that we do like I am? “Maybe” I smile, “You’re new right? Where are you from?” I can’t stop looking at you

“Wildwood New Jersey, by the shore” you answer. I don’t know where that is, I only moved here two years ago but I nod my head anyway. “Cool” I say, then decide to be fearless, you make me feel like I can do anything, “Want to come over my house? There’s delicious food” At least my mom cooks great if you don’t like me, better than the food here. Rubbery, bouncy, greasy. Thinking about it makes me gag. Classic boarding school, spends too much money on impressing parents when they visit. Ca-ching! I think it’s their idea of ‘going green’.

Your laughter is the most beautiful sound I’ve heard. It’s something a romantic novel can’t even begin to describe. “Yeah, that sounds great”

Now I’m ready to plunge

“Here’s my number. I’ll let you know what time we’ll leave at” I say matter-of-factly. I have never done this before, never been so bold, daring. You make me want to fly.

You grin, “Alright” there’s a hint of mischievousness in your voice, I like that.

I smile at you and walk away like I’m hard to get, but mostly it’s because I don’t want to be late for class.

The author's comments:
I got inspired by another piece on here and decided to try the style of the writing. Tell me what you think. Will complete and post the whole thing if it goes well. This is a true story

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