Untitle part 3

August 11, 2010
By Anonymous

"When is Matt coming back."
"He's running a little late, Eva. But he'll be back soon. So how was the city? Did you like it?"
"Yeah, it was pretty interesting. Hey, what are you doing tomorrow?"
"Well, me and your step-dad were going to go out so you can look around some more. Like maybe going to the beach or the mall. I mean unless you want us to stay with you?"
"No no, it's fine. I'll be okay. You guys have some time alone together. We'll all get together Sunday."
"Okay, that's fine. I hope that you have fun tomorrow, hun."
After dinner, I sat out on the patio for a little bit, just listening to the waves of the ocean and the sounds of the birds.
The night seemed to take forever, but I eventually woke up. The sound of the ocean woke me up and the singing of the birds and seagulls. I sat outside for a little bit, taking in everything. I didn't know what I was going to wear tonight. Thinking about it for a little bit and scrolling threw my closet for around nearly two hours trying on different clothes with the perfect shoes to go with them. I decided on this gorgeous little black dress with these perfect black heels that are a couple inches high. I got them as an early birthday present from my mom last year. So, I learned to walk in them without struggling anymore. I had about an hour left before I had to leave, and I still had to do my hair. I went with curling my hair. It looks the best when it's curled. It took nearly an hour, so I was doing well. My mom and step-dad were already gone, so it wouldn't be awkward explaining my choice of clothes.
On the way up the coffee shop I started to get butterflies in my stomach. I didn't know what to think. Was it too soon to think about dating? Should I wait a little bit? When I arrived, the butterflies started to get worse. I sat there anxious and worried. Did I overdress? I wanted to make a good impression, but was this to much?
"You look gorgeous."
I spun around to see him standing right behind me.
"Thanks, I didn't know if it was to much."
"No, it looks really good."
I sat there and smiled.
"You ready to go?"
He led me out to the parking lot to his car. It was nice and expensive looking. Definitely better than my car. Then again, the car I'm driving is a lot older considering it's still my first car.
When we arrived he opened the car door and we went inside the theatre. We ended up seeing this sort of romance movie, considering it was the only decend looking movie compared to the others. We got to the seats just in time for it to start. It was really nice and the butterflies started to disappear when I stopped thinking so much about it. He was a really nice guy and he was so gorgeous. He had these beautiful blue eyes that one could just look at all day and not want to look away. And his perfect dark brown hair went well with them that they match them perfectly. He looked like he works out regularly, but that could be just the way he is built. I mean, he looks toned and everything and like he's in shape. He looked really good. I felt really lucky to be there with him. I then felt a warm hand against mine. The butterflies returned. I sat there frozen for a second. I wasn't sure what to do or say. I let him grab my hand and let it sit there in his. His was really warm and soft. I just wanted this moment to last. I felt him lean in towards me.
"I'm really glad we did this."
"I am too."
"I'm having a really good time. You look so beautiful tonight."
The night could not be anymore perfect. But I had a feeling like he made more plans after this.
The movie soon ended and the lights came back on. We walked out together and got into his really nice car.
"I had fun. I hope we can hang out again soon, Eva."
"I hope so too."
"Look I know this is sudden and everything, but I really like you. I really hope that this will last. I've never fallen so fast for someone, but things between us for right."
"I hope so too. I really like you too Alex."
He drove me back to the coffee shop, but he didn't get out of the car. We sat there for a second. I wasn't really sure what to think or say. Just when I was about to, he started to.
"What are you doing tomorrow?"
"I promised my mom that I would spend the day with her. Her and my step-dad went out tonight so I could look around some more."
"Ahh, I see. That's fine. How about Monday, later on in the afternoon?"
"Sounds perfect. I better get going though. Here, call me anytime. I'll be waiting," I said, smiling at him.
"I will."
"I'll see you later, then."
I started out of the car, but I felt his arm pull me back. I soon felt him against me. His soft lips touching mine. It was so nice. It was an intense moment for me. It felt so romantic yet hot at the same time. My mind went blank, as this moment seemed to last forever. I didn't want it to end, when he stopped and leaned his head back against mine. Like the way you see in the movies. It felt so right.
"Sorry. I didn't mean so move so fast. I just felt like this would be perfect and I couldn't stop myself from it."
"It's okay. It was perfect."
Before I left, I leaned into him and kissed him before I left. I didn't think that it could get any better, but the kiss made the night so much better.

The night went by pretty fast. When I got home that evening, it was pretty late. I was extra quite considering my mom and step-dad were already in bed. When I got to my room, it didn't take long before I fell asleep. It seemed like as soon as I fell asleep, I woke right back up. I woke up to the smell of bacon cooking and the sounds of crackling downstairs. I walked downstairs to the extravagent kitchen to see my mom cooking breakfast.
"Good morning sleepy. Did you have a good evening last night?"
"Yeah, it was okay."
"Did you meet anyone yet?"
"Nope. I'm not really ready to settle down yet mom. I'm still getting used to everything."
"Yeah, I understand hon. You just moved in. Your still getting used to things. Understandable. Now, let's talk about the fun day I have planned for us."
I sat there listening to her talk about taking me to the mall and buying me new clothes for school. My mind soon seemed to drift away from her to last night. I just couldn't stop thinking about it. The more I thought about it, the more I just wanted to see him again. It's weird how this all happened. Not in a bad way, but in a really good way. I was so worried that when I got her that I wouldn't be able to find anyone, but just when I got here, it just happened so fast. I wanted this to work. Last night was perfect and I didn't want it to end.
The day soon went by fast, especially since my mind kept dazing off. I thought that it would seem to never end, but I just couldn't stop thinking about him. I ended coming home with clothes to last me a year. My step-dad must be high in his job for us to have all this money.
After getting home, I went to my room to put my clothes up so I wouldn't have to later on. My mom asked if I needed help, but I told her that I could get it.
I laid down on my bed, just thinking.
Should I call him? Why hasn't he called?
Just when I started to question myself, my phone went off.
It was a text message.
"Can't stop thinking about last night. You?"
The butterflies came back again.
"Yeah. Been thinking about it."
"I miss you already. Can't wait til tomorrow ;)"
I guess I shouldn't worry so much. I was happy that I finally heard from him.
I started looking through all the new outfits. Tomorrow is the first day of school and I didn't want to be late for it.
I woke up at 7am the next day. Took a shower and got ready. I was pretty excited, yet still kind of nervous. I didn't know anyone, but I'm usually really good at making friends.
My first class was math. This is usually my least favorite class, but I was okay in it. I sat at this seat where nobody else was at. I wanted to make a good impression, but also sit next to people that I could make friends with. And it seemed to work, considering that this girl next to me leaned over and started talking to me.
"Hey, you must be new."
"Yeah, I just moved here from Arizona."
"Yeah, I moved here last year. I know how awkward it can be moving to a new school."
Laughing, I said, "I was pretty nervous coming in today."
"Don't be. You'll be fine. It's a pretty good school. My name's Ariana. I'll guide you around."
"Sounds good. What other classes do we have together?" I asked as I pulled out my class schedule.
"Looks like we have science together. Lucky you get Mr. Coleman. He's like the hottest teacher here. We have him together."
"Yeah. Lucky me."
"We also have pretty much everything else together beside six hour. We have lunch together as well."
Just then the bell rang. Ariana then showed me to the next class. It looked a lot like a science room. There was also a lab in the room next door. It was a pretty big sized classroom.
I sat down next to her.
"Mr. Coleman is so gorgeous. You are just going to fall in love with him as soon as you see him."
The bell rang. I put my stuff down and grab some things out of my binder just as I hear footsteps approach the room. I don't look up yet thought.
"Good morning class. How is everyone feeling?"
That voice sounds familiar, but I don't let it bother me. Then I look up to realize him.
He meets my eyes. I can't believe it. It's him.
"Oh my God," he said with a worried and shocking expression.

The author's comments:
I know this story isn't something people usually right about, but there was something particular that inspired me to write it.

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