Roof Tops

August 17, 2010
I walked slowly down the streets of Atlanta. My black sneakers almost soundless as I went.
It was midnight.
I turned into the abandoned bakery and ran up the steps to the roof as more memories of 'her' flooded my mind. Filling every crevace.
I felt my heart wrench as I burst through the door, deeply breathing in the night summer air.
I trugged towards the egde of the roof, sitting down and picking up the note pad and pencil that I had left last night, and began writing.
'Soaked with pain
Endlessly dying
Pouring out the grief
My heart, it cries for deep relief
It sings for love
The love it knew
The love that left him with its lies
Tangled with his trying times'
I looked up and breathed in deeply over the city lights. If I closed my eyes, I could still remember her sent. Berry fusion. I felt a chuckle escape my lips as I remembered. Although she was so serious, she always smelled like a child...
The warm soothing wind ruffled my hair as more nostalgic memories came back to me.
I allowed the strong wind to push me back, and flopped on the cement roof, my feet dangling off the building, as I looked at the sky and sighed at the starless night.
"You miss them to, don't you? The stars?"
My body jerked up as a soft voice drifted towards me, as my pencil slipped out of my grasp and fell to the street below.
"Oops! Haha... There goes your pen."
I turned my body around as I serched for the disimbodied voice.
Finally, they landed on a dark figure sitting besides the door.
"Who are-?" I started loudly, a little miffed that she didn't make her presence known earlier. or leave.
"Shh!" Her finger rose to her lips quickly as she 'shushed' me. "Don't ruin it."
I paused and watched as she looked up at the sky.
"Ruin what?" I asked, a bit quieter now.
"...The music..." She said softly, leaning her head back against the wall.
A crease formed between my brows before understanding came across me.
A single note floated through the city noise, followed by a mass of string chords; all beautifully intertwinning together.
Ahh.. The international orchestra was playing in centennial Park.
I looked back at her and watched the warm breezed fiddled with her long black hair as a smile touched her lips.
Slowly, I got up, gathering my things, and walked towards the door, sighing to myself. I had wanted to be alone.
"...You don't have to go." I paused, not because of her words, but how her voice sounded pained almost torchured...
I stood still, my hand on the door knob, as I looked down at her figure.
My eyes widened slightly when she looked up and flashed me a smile.
Her irises looked almost jet black against the white of her eyes.
"I guess I'll see you later!" She chirpped brightly.
I frowned slight, leaving her and the opening of Moonlight Sonnata behind me...

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