Some where.

August 16, 2010
By CarlyDudek PLATINUM, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
CarlyDudek PLATINUM, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
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Love is when your heart stop beating because of the electric shock you get from a simple smile. Love is no consequences, love is not caring what people think, love is feeling alive and living for him/her, love is when you kno your complete

Her life used to be normal, well normal in the sense that, it was far from special.
Summer storms raced in and left frightened animals and children in its dust.
But one storm. One day. Left One girl. Alone.
Dusk fell. Annabelle was sitting alone in her room. Boredom and rebellion eating her away from the inside, like a parasite.
She looked towards her bay window. Temptation bubbling inside her. She could leave. It was so easy.
No one would know. She was proud Catholic girl. More morals than nature itself. A clean record. No one would know.
She could just go. Anywhere. Some where.
She suddenly felt herself creeping towards the window. As if her temptation had finally succeeded her and she was no longer in control.
Her fingers curled around the handle of the window, gracefully sliding it open.
Grasping The edges of the screen, she quietly pulled it out, and set it next to the window. She hopped onto her dresser, and crawled out onto the solid ground next to the window of her basement bedroom.
The Night has fallen. And everyone was out. Well, normally they would be.
It seemed Annabelle neglected to turn on a TV set or radio during her boredom, or else she would have known there was a storm warning.
She slipped her i-pod from the pockets of her skinny jeans, put the ear-buds on, and turned the music all the way up.
It started to drizzle, so Annabelle popped the furry edged hood of her dark green sweatshirt.
She seemed to have lost her self in the rain. The trees. She never realized that her i-pod died out long ago.
Walking through the forest in a surreal dream-like state, she was oblivious of the severe storm going on, until it happened.
Lightening in the sky struck in a tree-branch like formation, striking a tree steps away from Annabelle.
She snapped out of her dream state for seconds before the branch of the struck tree struck her.
Annabelle awoke one morning, confused as to her surrounding, and identity.
"What's your name?" She heard a male voice say,
"I-I don't remember."
She turned around to face the boy who was speaking to her.
"Annabelle, what happened last night?"
"Who's Annabelle?"
"Amnesia. Annabelle, you have amnesia."
She stayed silent.
"Annabelle, I go to your school, let's get you home."
She stayed silent.
As he moved towards her, she sprinted of into the greenery.
Once Annabelle felt she had gone far enough, she paused her sprint for security.
But when all seemed well, she stopped breathing.
Each and every sense started slipping away before she drifted into eternal darkness...

Then she awoke to the blue eyes of the boy she was running away from,
Before she could speak,
The kissed.
And she remembered everything.

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on Aug. 29 2010 at 1:19 pm
teenbookworm14 PLATINUM, Plainfield, Connecticut
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"Nothing gold can stay" -Robert Frost

i love it, just ah-mazing ;) keep writing!

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